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Prep 8 mins
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Here's a few fun toy ideas for your pet bunny(ies). My rabbits will spend hours playing with these. I got the idea when I decided that I needed a cheep (no more $8 plastic toys from the pet store!), fun toy for my pet rabbits. Please let me know what you think of these toys and post any suggestions that you have!


  1. First, choose whether you ant to use a pinecone, a paper lunch bag, or a toilet paper roll. Then follow the below directions for the one you choose.
  2. Pinecone:.
  3. Cut carrot into thin slices.
  4. Stick the slices in the pinecone "grooves".
  5. Also stick raisins in some of the "grooves" where carrot slices just don't fit.
  6. Lunch Bad.
  7. Make about 2-4 handfuls (depending on bag's size) of TIMOTY hay into a "plate" shape.
  8. Break a carrot or 2 into a few medium sized pieces and put them in the middle of the hay.
  9. You can also include uncooked oatmeal or raisins.
  10. Toilet Paper Roll.
  11. Make this the same way as the lunch bg but on a smaller scale.
  12. OR:.
  13. Just stuff with TIMOTHY hay.
  14. ENJOY!


Most Helpful

this is great. i used it for my guinea pigs and they loved it. great idea. i wanted to use the pinecone but i didnt because im afraid theyll eat it. they eat absolutely everything.

janngregory2005 December 27, 2009

I'm always on the lookout for fun, healthy ways to entertain Bunneh and this serves the dual purpose of addressing nutrition needs as well. I stuffed a paper towel roll with Timothy hay and raisins and my little boy enjoyed the diversion. Thanks for the great ideas, jerseagrl!

Sandi (From CA) December 12, 2008

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