Blueberry-Apricot Jam

READY IN: 1hr 10mins
Recipe by Susiecat too

You can taste each fruit separately in this chunky, not-so-sweet jam. Thickens naturally without pectin.

Top Review by Enjolinfam

I give it 5 stars, because it was definitely a 10 star jam once I doubled the sugar amount! I don't think it's sweet enough without the sugar amount being doubled. Even with the sugar amount doubled it's still not a really sweet jam, it's just perfect. Thanks for this fantastic recipe! I know I'll be making it again next summer when I have apricots again.


  1. Mix all ingredients together, stirring frequently, in a heavy-bottom pot over medium heat.
  2. Cook about an hour, until consistency is thick when dribbled off a spoon.
  3. Can (in either a water bath canner or pressure canner) according to manufacturer's directions, or store refrigerated and use within three months, or freeze for up to a year.

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