Total Time
Prep 35 mins
Cook 0 mins

I made this recipe up. I like it and so does the rest of my family. It goes great with either chicken or shrimp. It doesn't have as much butter as other alfredo sauces. I tried to make it a little healthier.


  1. Placet the 2 tbls of butter into a frying pan on medium low heat. Add the minced garlic and simmer for a minute.
  2. Then add in heavy cream to garlic and butter, mix.
  3. Add in rest of seasonings;Garlic powder, oregano, basil, salt, pepper. Let this simmer for about 20 minutes on medium low heat. Keep stirring it.
  4. Mix in the parmesan and fontina cheese and let simmer for another 15 minutes on medium low heat, keep stirring.
  5. If you let it simmer correctly it will thicken up.
  6. Serve with penne rigate or fettuccine.
Most Helpful

Tasty & creamy

Lemare July 26, 2011

Oh my!!! I think you have outdone yourself with this, it was absolutely amazing I just couldn't stop eating it and scraped the pan with a spatula to get every bit out. I made it to the recipe with one change. I couldn't get Fontina cheese any place, so I used Gruyere which I do like it's sweet and nutty and grates well. My pasta was reginette. I will be making this again my best friend would love this, so when she comes for lunch I will make it for her. Thank's for a very good recipe. Made for PAC Spring 2010.

Tea Jenny April 07, 2010

This is a really good recipe. Lots of flavors. I just wouldn't put as much pepper. Thanks for the recipe!

sgerard March 02, 2010