Aussie Cold & Flu Remedy

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A friend gave me this remedy when I had the flu & demanded I go home & drink it! I took two panadols before & I swear I felt so much better afterwards. And it tastes yummy too!

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  1. Cut the lemon in half& squeeze all the juice into a mug- chunks& all.
  2. Add the sugar& honey.
  3. Fill the mug with boiling water& stir to dissolve.
  4. Take two parecetomol tablets& sip the drink until it's all gone.
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This recipe is so old that Father Time doesn't remember its origins! Just about every culture claims it, so we can all call it "Grandma's Soothing Remedy". The healing properties for the mixture are much better without the sugar -- which is chemically processed and refined (even brown sugar), and adds difficulty to digestion. Raw, uncooked honey is a natural antisceptic. So, if you leave out the sugar, your results will be that much more powerful. Also, for added sweetness, try wildflower and orange blossom honey. Feel better!

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Just made this, added extra honey instead of the sugar. Woke up from coughing, have bronchitis, and after drinking this, I have stopped coughing:) It really does work!!!! Thank you so much Marli for posting this.

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I never would have thought this would work. But as a last ditch effort I tried it. Within about an hour, my family noticed the difference even! Felt awful again several hours later, so I'm doing it again, but it's certainly giving me some relief!