Total Time
Prep 8 mins
Cook 3 mins

I love both apple and pumpkin pie, and always enjoy creating new things I can make in my dorm. This, I am convinced, is even better than pie-- and it's even healthy!


  1. Chop apple into small pieces (about the size for apple pie).
  2. In microwavable bowl, sprinkle 1/3 packet of Sweet & Low, and pumpkin pie spice. Layer 1/4 of the apple pieces on top. Sprinkle more Sweet & Low and pumpkin pie spice, and repeat.
  3. With half the apple is layered, spread canned pumpkin over apples. Sprinkle generous Sweet & Low and pumpkin pie spice, then continue layering on the apple pieces.
  4. When all apples have been added, pour water over mixture.
  5. Microwave for 3 1/2 minutes, stirring the mixture about every minute.
Most Helpful

Just like an apple pumpkin pie with out the fat and calories of the crust. There is a lot to like about this from how healthy it is to how quick and easy it was and another plus is that it is a single serving size. Made as written and look forward to making again. Thanks for the post. Deb

Debbwl November 02, 2010

Good, simple, healthy recipe! I used regular sugar and threw some craisins on top. I didn't eat the bottom layer of apples because they were in a puddle of watery pumpkin mush, so I'll probably use less water next time. But it was a nice mix of flavors. Thanks Rosanne!

Yummy InMyTummy April 05, 2008