Zucchini Rice Pie

"I found this recipe years ago. Anyone who grows zucchin will know -- you are always looking for something different !!! If you like zucchini slice, heres another for you to try!! A great side dish."
Zucchini Rice Pie created by Posiespocketbook
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  • In saucepan saute onion, mushrooms,.
  • zucchini, basil and oregano in the butter or magarine on medium heat, until tender (not brown.).
  • Stir in the rice, eggs, milk, and half the cheese (N.B. Half cheese). Turn mixture into a well buttered 23cm pie plate and sprinkle with remaining cheese.
  • Bake uncovered at 180dg until set, approx 25 to 35 minutes.
  • Let stand for 1o minutes before cutting. Garnish with tomatoes and parsley.

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  1. Karen Elizabeth
    Definitely a great way to use zucchini, it's not my favourite vegetable but it tends to be cheap and plentiful so I go on buying it! I didn't use the mushrooms, really don't like them, but otherwise, as directed, and it turned out perfectly, a very tasty 'quiche' and a lovely supper. Because we were only 2 I had some left, and that disappeared when my daughters boyfriend came to fetch her in the morning and said yes, he'd love a cup of tea and some quiche ..... no need to worry about leftovers in our house, ha ha! Thank you Tisme, loved this recipe. Incidentally, I did prepare rice especially for the recipe, but it was quickly done while I was busy with other prep, and I then had extra rice in the fridge ready for Fried Rice later in the week!
  2. WhoKnew
    Tasty--used yellow squash, broccoli, and leek (no mushrooms) and put the tomato in the pie instead of a garnish. Used Edam cheese. This was good!
  3. Posiespocketbook
    Zucchini Rice Pie Created by Posiespocketbook
  4. Posiespocketbook
    This was a great way to use up my left over rice. I did add fresh corn and diced green bell peppers from my garden, rather than the mushrooms. Like one other user suggested I only used 4 eggs. Turned out great. A nice light dinner.
  5. Lalaloula
    WOW, such a different way to eat rice and zucchini and sooooo delish!!!! I saw this recipe in your collection and thought this sounds so cool, I gotta try it. Well I did and I am so glad about it! This will definitely be made again! The pie has a light and spongy texture and a lovely mediterranian taste. I used a mix of red and brown rice to make it more sustainable and instead of oregano I used the fresh rosemary I had on hand. It was delish! Next time I might add in some roasted garlic or onion. When assembling the pie I felt that I had plenty of liquid with only 4 eggs so went ahead with that and it worked out fab. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this outstanding recipe with us, TIs! Made and reviewed for Make My Recipe #11 April 2010.



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