Yellow Cake in a Mug

"So good and easy!"
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Ready In:
1 cake




  • Add dry ingredients in coffee mug and stir together.
  • Stir in the egg, water, oil, and vanilla extract.
  • Microwave for 3 minutes.

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  1. The cake was beautiful but tasted like egg. Maybe more vanilla extract or cinnamon would do it.
  2. I followed all the instructions properly and it came out hard and tasting like egg with water underneath the "cake"
  3. Horrible!! i tasted so nasty and smelled nasty too! do not try this because it was a waste of time and money!! never cooking something off of this site again!
  4. Thank you! This saved me from my sweet attack. I put it in 2 cups microwaved for 2 mins. The egg was kinda hard but smothered in cool whip and cinnamon, yummy!
  5. I tried this recipe three times, once for me and two other for my brothers. This is, by far, the most tragic mug cake I have ever tasted in my life. It wasn't bad, it was edible! it has a similar look to cake and has a similar texture to cake, but that's were its likeness ends and tragedy begins. It smelled only of flour, from start to finish. When this cake was consumed, all joyous hopes of something simple and sweet quickly was torn away. As I said, it was edible. But that, did not, even closely taste of vanilla cake. As quoted from my little brother, "This is cornbread, but without the corn". Overall, it was a flavourless tragedy and I would not recommend this recipe to anyone. However, as it was at the very least, edible. I will give it 2 stars.


  1. I made this cake with a few substitutes. 1) I didn't have any vanilla extract on hand so I subbed it for 10-15 butterscotch chips that I melted down with a very tiny dab of margarine. 2) I NEVER use water when making sweets so I subbed it for 2% milk. I mixed the batter in a separate bowl (not inside the mug) because I wanted to make sure everything was thoroughly combined. I melted the chips inside the mug I used and then mixed the melted chips into the batter. I used the same mug to cook the batter in (without cleaning it out). This is a VERY dense cake so if dense cake doesn't do it for you texture wise, I suggest you not make this cake or possibly halve the egg (maybe use the whites instead of the yolk or the yolk instead of the whites or just scramble the egg and save half of the mix for a breakfast sandwich in the morning) and then add a tablespoon of water/milk to make up for the lack of moisture. Either way, I like this recipe. It made a full mug full of cake and wasn't overly sweet nor did it taste like undercooked flour. It was delicious and a pretty cheap sweet tooth fix on a budget (all the ingredients most people would have on hand with a semi-decently stocked kitchen). I was KINDA liberal with the measurements (AKA I didn't pat down and finger off the excess on the spoon exactly when it came down to the flour). I also didn't have a 1/8th teaspoon but I did have a 1/4th one so I just filled that to the halfway mark for the baking soda. As someone else mentioned, I do believe if I made this exactly according to the recipe that it might be a bit bland and lackluster but cooking is all about experimenting and having someone else do the hard work (aka finding the right measurements for 'baking') makes the experimenting just that bit more fun and easy. I've definitely saved this to my bookmarks and will be visiting it again and again.
  2. I just made this and am letting it cool. Wanted some cake to eat with my ice cream tonight. While the texture seems fine cause I tasted it while still warm, it seems really sweet. Next time I think I will lower the sugar down to 2 tablespoons and maybe use applesauce instead of the oil. I made it the first time and it flopped. I used wheat flour and forgot to put the oil in it. It was really dense but not too bad with the wheat flour. This one I decided to try the white flour and work it from there.


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