White Chocolate Baileys Latte

"I came up with this while trying to find a really decadent coffee treat. The white chocolate and Baileys provide enough sweetness that you will not need any sugar! If you like your coffee strong, just add more instant coffee granules."
photo by Baby Kato photo by Baby Kato
photo by Baby Kato
photo by Baby Kato photo by Baby Kato
photo by Sarah_Jayne photo by Sarah_Jayne
photo by Boomette photo by Boomette
photo by Baby Kato photo by Baby Kato
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  • In a saucepan over a low heat, warm the milk until tiny bubbles start to appear around the edges.
  • Add the white chocolate to the pan and stir constantly until it has dissolved.
  • Stir in the instant coffee granules and Baileys and continue to heat and stir until the coffee granules have also dissolved.
  • Serve hot with whipped cream if desired!

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  1. Baby Kato
    Updated: This drink gets better and better each time I make it, it is so easy to vary the ingredients and add more or less of what you enjoy. I make it exactly as written and wouldn't change a thing. <br/><br/>Delicious...simply... delicious. This is wicked, so decadent. I love the addition of the coffee to the cocoa. It really brings out the flavor of the Baileys for me. Rich, thick, creamy and oh so yummy. Thanks for sharing this winner. I keep coming back to this recipe again and again.
  2. Sarah_Jayne
    I am not a coffee drinker at all but I decided to give this recipe a try and I am really glad that I did. I didn't find it too sweet at all. Perhaps that comes down to the white chocolate you use. The type I used wasn't overly sweet on its own. I used skim milk because that is what I keep in the house and I used a store brand Irish cream instead of Baileys. It turned out really good and I ended up blogging about it on my weekendcarnivore.com blog. Made for PAC Spring 2010.
  3. Boomette
    I prefer not to give a star rating cause everybody put a 5 star. I can't do that. Cause it was too sweet and I had to add more instant coffee. I would have prefered it with less white chocolate and maybe less baileys cause both make it very sweet. I liked that it was creamy. Thanks Shuzbud :) Made for Holiday tag
  4. bluemoon downunder
    Divinely, decadently delicious and just so yummy on a cold winter's night! The only change I made was to use dark chocolate (personal taste preference) and since that is not as sweet as white chocolate, I added 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. Thank you so much for this recipe. Made for PRMR.
  5. Nimz_
    Oh this is just sinful. Wonderful combination. I would not change a thing about this one. Thanks Shuzbud. Made for Summer Spectacular 09 :)


  1. Annacia
    Wow. I could drink this all day long. It's smooth, rich and wonderful. No more sweetening was needed in any way at all. My only change was to use frothed skim milk as a topping in place of whipped cream. Yummmmmmmm


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