Watermelon Smoothie

"Preparation time includes freezing the water melon chunks"
photo by Bev I Am photo by Bev I Am
photo by Bev I Am
photo by Bev I Am photo by Bev I Am
Ready In:
1hr 15mins




  • Place watermelon into freezer; freeze until firm Put watermelon and lime juice in a blender process until smooth.
  • With blender on, add ice cubes, 1 at a time; process until smooth.
  • Add soda whirl a few seconds to blend.
  • Serve immediately.

Questions & Replies

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  1. MizzNezz
    Just delicious! This is so refreshing. I doubled the recipe and put it into the blender in batches. I added 2 packets artifical sweetner. It was so easy and quick, perfect on a hot day! Beats the heck out of those heavy drinks you buy! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Blayke Humphrey
    This was great. I had a bunch of melons in my garden, so I made your recipe first. Awesome. Then I did a new batch- this time with half yellow watermellon, and half cantaloupe. I also added 2 tbsp. of honey and used ginger ale. Incredible!
  3. Monkeygirl1628
    I would give this recipe 5 stars because it taste great and is so simple.
  4. vverkin925
    A couple of weeks ago I started to make this and didn't get to it. The watermelon sat in the freezer and I told everyone not to touch the can of Diet Sprite (something we don't have around much.)! I had forgotten about it until my daughter said "You better use that Sprite because it's getting too tempting!" Moral of the story: Watermelon is fine the freezer for a couple of weeks and I wish I had done this sooner because it was a huge hit! Everyone loved it! Thanks so much!!
  5. tamibic
    Oh my, this was so good. I made this today when my friend stopped by. I had this watermelon 1/2 sitting in the fridge and I need the room for my party this weekend and I saw your recipe and that was that!! Very good, I used vanilla soda because thats all I had. Now I have a new refreshing recipe and all that needed room in my fridge!!!


  1. muncheechee
    Hmmm... it was.... interesting and a bit odd. That's the only way I can really describe it. I drank the whole glass but still couldn't figure out if I actually liked it or not. I wonder if I'd like it better with gingerale instead of the diet sierra mist. Oh, and there's no way my blender would puree frozen watermelon without a good amount of liquid so I added the soda early on to loosten the mixture enough to blend it. Maybe the watermelon should have been only partially frozen to begin with. I might have to tinker with this one a bit but I like the idea of it.
  2. Prose
    Very refreshing and a great way to use watermelon from the freezer since my hubby and I can't eat a whole melon before it goes bad. I used lemon juice instead of lime since that's what I had on hand and lime-flavored sparkling water instead of diet soda since I don't do artificial sweeteners. We will definitely make this again!



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