Vinegar Solution for Clean Walls and Baseboards

"How many of you hate dirty walls? How many of you have tried to wash your walls but end up getting a streaky mess? This solutions cleans dirty finger prints that always seem to be on the walls....splash marks from towels in the powder room/ cleaning up streaks that plants make. The only downfall is that if this is a wall that gets alot of natural light, you will have to do the whole wall, from top to bottom. I was prepared to go out and buy paint, so this was definately a cheaper solution"
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  • In a large bucket, add the ingredients. For stubborn stains use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
  • If the wall is in an area that the natural light shines on it, you will have to do the whole wall -- top to bottom!
  • I started off with the Magic Eraser and worked on the stubborn stains first. I then took an old white face cloth and went over the whole wall with the solution. Make sure that there are not any drip marks, or they will show up later.

Questions & Replies

  1. how to clean walls, before painting of Older home of smokers


  1. So, I was looking at my walls around the light switches and door jambs and thinking ewww! (Oh, and lets not forget the top of the door jambs where my little darlin's like to jump and touch to see how tall they've grown leaving grubby little black streaks everywhere.) Anyways...I found your "recipe" today and decided to try it. Of course I always pay extra money for the "scrubbable" wall paint and of course it always streaks when you wipe it. I mixed up a half batch of your solution and wiped down the stairwell which has butter yellow coloured walls. (What was I thinking with kids in the house?) The little smudges wiped right off and when I saw how dirty the water was when I finished, I dumped it and mixed another half batch and continued on my merry way. It seems to have worked very well, and though it is an overcast day, I do not see streaking everywhere which says alot more than my usual cleaning methods. My only suggestion would be to mix the solution in smaller batches so that you can change your water more often, assuming your kids are as dirty as mine apparently are. Thanks Abby!
  2. This worked great!! I used it in the kitchen, what better test? My walls look great,but the trim looks even better.
  3. I used this to wipe down the walls and baseboard/moulding in my laundry room/mud room. I couldn't tell if it was doing the job at first, but it absolutely did the trick. The walls are clean, and the wood moulding is actually sparkling. I'll definitely use this again!



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