Tomato Butter/Chicken Ravioli Arugula Spinach Pasta #Ragu

READY IN: 40mins
YIELD: 6 Portions




  • Cube 3 sticks very soft unsalted butter place in food processor, mix until butter just is beginning to combine. Through, top opening of processor add pasta sauce, paprika basil, sun dried tomatoes, shallot and garlic and chopped pine nuts save 2 ounces for garnish blend form log cool in refrigerator.
  • In 8 Quart Dutch boiler combine 6 cups of water salt, pepper and olive oil. While waiting for water bring to boil. In the meantime brown egg plant in 20 inch skillet for 3 minutes place in dish allow to stay warm season with salt and pepper. Add pasta to boiling water cook for 4 to 5 minutes do not over cook or past will be to soft, drain and cool past in ice bath.
  • Remove tomato butter form refrigerator cut 2 medallions place in 20 inch skillet heat melting add wine, heavy cream, and remaining pasta sauce reduce for 3 minutes until sauce thickens. Add Arugula and Spinach gently stir remove heat.
  • 4. Place 6 pasta bowls in a row add heated pasta and greens garnish with sun dried tomatoes, parsley, chopped bacon, feta cheese, pine nuts and sprig of fresh basil serve immediately.