"a classical italian dessert , my boyfriend's favourite!"
Tiramisu' created by Rita1652
Ready In:


  • 500 g mascarpone (an Italian creamy cheese, you can substitute with ricotta, another Italian cheese, for a low-fat ver)
  • 4 eggs
  • 150 g caster sugar
  • 12 - 1 cup strong coffee
  • 300 g ladyfingers or 300 g sponge cakes, cut in squares
  • cocoa
  • 3 tablespoons brandy (I personally prefer it without spirits) (optional) or 3 tablespoons coffee liqueur (I personally prefer it without spirits) (optional)


  • beat sugar and egg yolks until white and frothy.
  • whisk egg whites until stiff.
  • fold mascarpone (or ricotta) into egg mixture.
  • add egg whites carefully.
  • pour coffee (and brandy or coffee liqueur if using) in a shallow bowl, dip biscuits (or pieces of sponge cake) in it, taking care not to soak them completely, and put them in a square tin (actually I make it in a glass loaf tin) in a single layer.
  • cover with the cheese cream and continue layering the ingredients, leaving the cream on top, dust with cocoa.
  • cover and refrigerate for a few hours or even overnight so that the biscuits have time to become moist and flavourful.

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  1. super_fred
    Unbelievably simple and tastes better than anything you've ever had. I added a bit more brandy mmmmm
  2. MaryMomof6
    Made this for the dessert bar at my wedding and it's so good! I'm glad I got to bring some of it home so I could finish it off!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!
  3. djmastermum
    OMG, this is the REAL thing, better than any other tirmisu i've had at a restaurant or bought at the shop. I am getting the feeling that I will be making this a lot.
  4. Tyramisu
    I wanted to post my own recipe of Best Ever Tiramisù, but this is practically the same. I use a tablespoon of sugar per egg and add a shot of Brandy. The perfect dessert to show your friends that you love them! Relaxing to make and delicious to eat.
  5. Rita1652
    Very light and creamy. I used mascarpone cheese, and did add coffee liqueur. I think it`s a must. The egg yolks and sugar I cook in a double boiler wisking till all the sugat is dissolved and till a light butter yellow. Thanks for posting this recipe. I hope the picture does it the justice it deserves.


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