Three Day Lasagna

READY IN: 73hrs




  • Cut mozzarella and cheddar blocks the long way into 2 by 2 inch slabs the length of the block; wrap each slab in plastic wrap and freeze. At least 2 days before starting sauce.
  • Cook heat brown sausage and hamburger in 1 oz vegetable oil and 1/4 cup water until done but not brown, preserving the flavor but not searing the meat.
  • In a large kettle add seasonings to sauce over medium heat.
  • Drain and rinse olives and mushrooms to remove packing salt, dice thoroughly and add to sauce.
  • Drain cocktail olives and cut into quarters, add to sauce.
  • Dice and crush garlic and brown in 1 oz vegetable oil and add to sauce.
  • Finely dice onion, over medium heat clarify in olive oil and add to sauce.
  • Add meat and let simmer 4 hours, stirring regularly to prevent scorching.
  • Turn heat off, letting sauce rest a few hours. (3 to 4).
  • On medium low add jars to sauce, simmering for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Add tomato paste to sauce. Continuing to simmer 3 to 4 hours more.
  • For more even flavor, simmer 4 hours, then allow to cool 6 to 8 hours and simmer 4 hours again.
  • This allows flavors to blend and ages the sauce. (I repeat this process for 2 days, sometimes 3).
  • Some assembly required. Invite friends.
  • With shredder blade on food processor, grate frozen cheeses than add Parmesan, mix well.
  • In large bowl mix ricotta, cottage cheese and eggs.
  • Remove sauce and set aside.
  • In large kettle cook noodles 8 or 10 at a time. (I have 2 kettles going at once, 10 minutes apart).
  • Spread bottom of 9 by 13 by 2 inch pan with a little sauce.
  • Alternating layers of.
  • Noodles the long way (3 strips).
  • Sauce.
  • Shredded cheese.
  • Noodles the wide way (5 strips).
  • Cheese paste.
  • Shredded cheese.
  • until pan is full.
  • Kitchen scissors or pizza wheel are great for cutting noodles right length.
  • Thin layers make for better mix of flavors.
  • Cover final layer a spread of sauce. (And extra parmesan if you want).
  • Bake at 425º for 1 hour.
  • Let stand 15 minutes before cutting.
  • Cooled pans can easily be covered and frozen for later.
  • Reheat at 375º for 1 hour.
  • Disclaimer: I am not responsible for weight gain or lasagna that seem to disappear, pan and all.
  • ENJOY!