Tabouli (Lebanese Bulghur, Parsley, and Mint Salad)

Recipe by Toby Jermain




  • This recipe is a breeze if you have a food processor, a little more work if you don't.
  • If using a processor, chop parsley and mint together, using a pulsing action, to ensure that you don't end up pureeing them, and remove to a bowl.
  • Repeat with green onions, and add it bowl.
  • Chop tomatoes, preferably by hand, into about 1/4" dice, and add to bowl.
  • If you are making this for company, you might want to chop everything by hand.
  • It makes a much prettier dish than when made in the processor, but I never bother when it is for personal consumption; I just take a little care when using the processor.
  • Wash bulghur thoroughly, drain, and soak in fresh hot water for about 1 hour.
  • Drain and squeeze as dry as possible, and combine with vegetables.
  • Drizzle with lemon juice and olive oil.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste, and toss thoroughly.
  • You can be quite generous with the pepper.
  • Refrigerate for about an hour, taste, and adjust salt and pepper.
  • In addition to serving a a salad or part of a meza appetizer assortment, it is also good as dressing on a falafel or lamb sandwich in pita bread.