Sweet Dry-Rub Baby Back Ribs - 6-QT Electric Pressure Cooker

Recipe by KateL




  • RUB:
  • Combine all Rub ingredients in a medium bowl.
  • RIBS:
  • Using a full cooking sheet, prepare ribs by removing membrane that covers the inside part of the ribs. Also trim off excess fat, if any. (Check YouTube for instructive videos.).
  • Generously coat both sides of both racks of ribs.
  • In 6-quart or larger electric pressure cooker, place roasting rack in inner pot. Pour in Coca Cola. Place each rack of ribs vertically, with meaty side out, and meatier edge on top. (A 6-quart P.C. should accommodate 3 racks, and an 8-quart P.C. should handle 4 racks.).
  • Feel free to sprinkle rest of rub on ribs.
  • Put inner pot into Pressure Cooker base.
  • Secure lid.
  • INSTANT POT: Select MEAT/STEW setting, and increase time to 30 minutes. When cooking has completed, press Off, and unplug. Allow pressure to release naturally (or at least 12 minutes before venting).
  • OTHER ELECTRIC PRESSURE COOKER: Cook on HIGH pressure for 30 minutes, and allow pressure to release naturally.
  • STOVE-TOP P.C.: Please consult your manual. These normally cook at 15 psi instead of 11 psi attained by electric pressure cookers, so cooking times and Natural Pressure Release times will both be shorter. You will have to hang around to make sure the stove-top pressure cooker maintains the right pressure, however.
  • Once pressure cooker has released its pressure, remove the lid. Carefully remove the ribs with tongs. (I move the ribs to a colander to drain as I normally cook them ahead up to this point.).
  • OPTIONAL: Strain the cooking liquid and refrigerate, then remove the top fat layer. It would make a killer marinade for a rump roast. If you don't like that option, discard the cooking liquid as you see fit.
  • OVEN: Set to BROIL. Put racks meaty side up and glaze with BBQ sauce with a silicone basting brush. Broil for 2-5 minutes or until heated through. If you like, baste again and broil some more.
  • GRILL: Prepare grill. On BBQ mesh grate, place rib racks meaty side up and glaze with BBQ sauce with a silicone basting brush. Heat through. Baste again and heat some more if you wish.