Sunday Stew for the Slow Cooker (Crock Pot)

"I call it this because in the winter months, my Mom always made either this or some form of pasta on Sundays. It is a hearty stew, a little different since it uses tomato sauce & paste, but it is ooh so good. When I was little I used to eat all the meat, then mash all the veggies together with the sauce, well I don't do that anymore (much)but I still make this stew which is truly for me a comfort food :) I hope you like it. The veggie & spice amounts are the basic ones. The potatoes can be cut in half if small or 8ths if really large, you just want nice good size chunks. You can also alter your spices to suite your own tastes. Cooking time is slow cooker time."
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Ready In:
6hrs 20mins




  • First in a skillet on the stove add the olive oil and brown your stew meat. Next cut up your veggies & place in a large bowl. You want your pieces to be on the large side since this will be cooking for at least 6 or 7 hours, too small and they get kind of mushy. Add your stew meat to the veggies.
  • Next in your crock pot add the tomato sauce, then mix your tomato paste with the hot water and add to the sauce. Then add your seasonings. Mix well, then add your bowl with the veggies and the meat. Mix this all together and cook for 3 hours on high, then switch to low for another 3 or you can also do 8 hours on low. About half way through I break the cardinal rule and stir my stew and check my spices, adding what I think it may need :) it has never been a problem and the stew turns out yummy. If you like a thinner sauce for your stew add only 2 cans of tomato paste.

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  1. A good old fashioned South African staple - with a new twist. Tomato bredie! This was great and we enjoyed it. I'm not quite sure why the reviewer found it difficult to eat - it's simply beef and tomato - a classic combination.
  2. I wish there were more stars to give, this was excellent. I liked the difference in the tomato sauce and to DH & I it didn't come across as pasta sauce as someone else mentioned. I mean its tomatoes so yes there is a bit of a sauce element but we love chili for the same reason :) Only thing I did was to add some peas when it was almost finished. Thanks Carb Lover for posting this
  3. This was easy to make, but I thought it was an odd mix of ingredients. It has the stew basics, but is covered with pretty much pasta sauce. Very weird combination, it was very hard to eat.
  4. what more can I say than delicious!


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