Sugar Plums

"I received these at my 2005 Christmas Bake exchange. They add some bright colour to any holiday platter."
photo by  Pamela photo by  Pamela
photo by Pamela
Ready In:
4 dozen




  • Mix graham crumbs, coconut, large package of jello (dry mix) and milk together really well.
  • Shape into 1 inch balls.
  • Roll in remaining package of jello (dry mix).
  • Reshape if necessary (You can shape them like strawberries if you want).
  • Chill.
  • Keep them in the fridge or freezer-they taste better cold.

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  1. I used to make these about 30 years ago and thought they were fun and different! Lost the recipe and forgot all about them. They are deliciously tangy and look so pretty! Thanks so much!
  2. tested these out, they were pretty good. Will be making them using a variety of jello flavors for my Easter platter. Of course they will be egg shaped.
  3. These are very easy to make and for an added flavor I stick one whole clove in the top of each sugar plum. This gives it a wonderful flavor. I try to make the day before so the clove taste has time to go through the sugar plum.
  4. Oh. M. Gee you guys. These little tasty balls are deliciouso! Beware though, the after effects are not so deliciouso. TMI butt hole stung after several dumps later. I seriously had to use baby wipes because of the burn. But overall it was worth it. These little balls had me at jello.
  5. I just made these. I was too lazy to shape them into pretty strawberry shapes, but that's okay because they taste so good. You can use any flavor of Jell-O, but I'm partial to cherry. This is a very easy recipe too and you don't need to turn on the stove or oven.


  1. There is one very important part missing from this recipe!! I grew up making these and the final step is adding a whole clove as a stem. Just press one in. We always used strawberry jello powder, but the clove would complement a few other flavors such as orange or lemon. We would make them then freeze them and the clove flavors would better as time went on. Just make sure you take the clove out before eating it!!!



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