Steamed Blue Crabs

READY IN: 40mins
YIELD: 12 crabs




  • Get a dozen or so live and kickin Blue Crabs a large heavy seafood steaming pot (at least 4" larger than the crabs piled inside) turn on stove or outdoor burner to high (preferably an outdoor gas burner made for steaming or frying turkeys) add water and vinegar about 2" high in the bottom of pot,put pot onto burner ,heat until steam comes out of the top,add crabs and seasoning to cover crabs,replace lid on pot,bring back to steaming time about 20-25 minutes after steaming again (you can also put sweet corn in the husk right on top of crabs during last 15 minutes of steaming also throw some seasoning on the corn as well it will be the best sweet corn that you have ever tasted if you like crabs!) after time is up remove crabs from pot onto some newspaper etc. let them cool about ten minutes or so then serve with extra seasoning,crab claw mallets and your favorite beverage(beer seems to be the most popular but I prefer water.Dig In and Enjoy!