Spiced Apple Rings

"Makes great gifts jarred. Fill jars preferably wide-mouth with apple rings and hot flavored syrup, leaving 1 2 inch head space. Decorate with a ribbon around lid."
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  • Soak apple slices in water and lemon juice.
  • Combine sugar, water, cinnamon candy, vinegar, and cloves in a 6 quart saucepan.
  • Bring to a boil, then simmer 3 minutes , stirring constantly.
  • Drain apples, add to hot syrup, and cook 5 minutes.

Questions & Replies

  1. Are these safe to can?


  1. I made these and canned them. I had them on the relish tray for Thanksgiving and everyone said they tasted just like the spice crab apples we used to have years ago. I went through 2 jars, that is how good they were. I will definitely keep this recipe and make again! Thank you!!!
  2. Super super yummy! I'm not sure how my canned ones came out yet, but I have been eating the ones that didn't fit. I used granny smiths and they came out great! be sure to cut semi thick though.
  3. These are great! Served these warmed topped icecream and crushed gingersnaps! Yummm
  4. I had some problems with these unfortunetely. If you don't use the wide mouth jars (I didn't have any) You're going to have a very hard time keeping your rings intact. I had to break all of mine up. Also - use firm apples like granny smith. I tried 3 different types and the others turned to mush in the canning process. Keeping the rings thick also helps. If I were to do these again I would quarter the apples or chunk them instead. And I think I'd have better luck with a cold packing method. The syrup IS good but could use a little more bite in my personal opinion. I would add more candies and cloves next time. Thanks for sharing. I'll most likely try these again with some changes.
  5. Very yummy. Not sure if I did something wrong or not, but the juice never became a 'syrup'. Still good though. :)


  1. Instead of cinnamon candies wouldn't a drop or 2 of cinnamon oil work as well? There's already so much sugar in this for sweetener. If not sweet enough, more sugar could always be added. That's all cinnamon candies are, sweeteners and cinnamon oil.


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