Shrimp Creamy Primavera... Kinda

"Shrimp and cream plus veggies... how can you beat it?"
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  • I like my veggies firm!
  • So this is what I did;
  • begin boiling water for the fettuccine -- (in a sufficiently large pot).
  • in a large fry pan:.
  • clove garlic in 1 oz olive oil and 1 tbls butter heated pretty hot,.
  • add zucchini.
  • cook until firm and transfer to a bowl, (drain but return liquid to pan).
  • clove garlic in the returned liquid, add mushrooms,.
  • cook until firm and transfer to the same bowl, (drain but return liquid to pan).
  • clove garlic in the returned liquid, add pealed shrimp whole turning once,.
  • Note: I under cook my shrimp as they cook after removing. but just before I remove them I stand them up in the pan to cook the thicker part a bit more, the thinner tail will over cook if you only cook them on their sides -- (my opinion).
  • put on the fettuccini -- (my thick fettuccini took 18 min til andante).
  • add the wine to the above "returned liquid," in the pan and reduce,.
  • add in the cream and chicken stock, blue cheese, 2 oz Parmesan,.
  • add 1 oz butter and reduce until 2/3 of what it was,.
  • when the pasta is within 1 minute of being finished,.
  • add the tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, red peppers to the cream sauce,.
  • drain the pasta well, add 1 oz olive oil to the pasta pot and return the fettuccine and add the remaining Parmesan and toss,.
  • add the shrimp to the fry pan sauce mixture, heat as you are plating the pasta,.
  • spoon the shrimp veggie cream sauce over the pasta,.
  • crack pepper over the presentation,.
  • serve with crusty bread --
  • OMG!

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I love to Cook, My father loved to cook and now my boy is an Executive Chef for 3 restaurants 30. I always love to see the spark in someones eye when they first feel they did a good job in the kitchen. I would like to say that I have never met an ingredient that I haven't liked but that would not be true, but I'll try virtually everything. Thanks for Reading! Mr. D
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