Shelb's Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

"Nothing puts me more in the mood for Christmas than these gingerbread cookies. Hope you enjoy them. Prep time does not include chilling time or time to shape and decorate the cookies."
Shelb's Christmas Gingerbread Cookies created by oloschiavo
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  • Sift together flour, spices, and baking soda; set aside.
  • In another bowl combine melted margarine and brown sugar together until well combined. Add milk, molasses, vanilla and lemon juice. Add flour mixture. Mix well.
  • Let chill in fridge for about an hour.
  • Preheat oven to 350°F.
  • Take cookie dough out of fridge, roll and shape into various shapes(gingerbread men, xmas trees, hearts, what ever tickles your fancy!) and decorate with sprinkles or chocolate chips for eyes, mouth, and buttons if desired.(you can wait until afterwards to decorate with icing too!).
  • Tranfer cookie shapes to ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes.
  • Eat right hot of the oven or transfer to wire racks to cool.
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  1. elieugene6
    Never made gingerbread cookies before so I tried it. I didn't have stick margerine and subbed butter instead. Also no lemon juice so I left that out. The dough was very sticky and would have taken a LOT of flour to be rollable. So I don't know if this was my fault or not. It was late when I got around to the rolling part and gave up. I used my hands to form into small balls and flattened with a fork. They tasted good, kids didn't like them but they are picky. I really liked dipped in applesauce. Good recipe.
  2. oloschiavo
    Shelb's Christmas Gingerbread Cookies Created by oloschiavo
  3. oloschiavo
    BTC thanks for a great introduction to gingerbread! As a first-time gingerbreader I found your recipe easy to follow and was very happy with the results. The only change I made was to use 100% vegan stick margarine which is free from trans fats. The cookies I made were quite small (I got about 50 of them), so each batch took 5 minutes. After cooling they were soft and sweet and gingery. Yum!
  4. Tarynne
    The cookies turned out to be very nice and tender, unlike many gingerbread cookies which are very hard. Although this made it a better tasting cookie it they ended up being a little too fragile and we ended up with a few with broken legs and heads which we gladly ate :).
  5. Geema
    These are the perfect cookies to make with very young kids. My granddaughters, 4 and 6 had a blast making cut out cookies for Halloween. The dough was super easy to put together and firmed up perfectly in just an hour. But, as kids will do, they over handled the dough, rolled them too thin, or too thick, added some extra flour, rolled, kneaded and rerolled the dough. I had absolutely no hope that these cookies would even be edible when baked. Not so! If the cookie was too thin, the little cookies were crisp and delicious. If the cookies were too thick, then they were soft and still delicious. Every cookie tasted great! Gingerbread men/ladies are definitely in our future using this recipe...and only this recipe. BTC, I wish you were there with us!

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