Seared Ahi Marinade

"I wanted a recipe that was similar to the ones I have had a restaurant in the past. I searched the site and found some good sauces for seared ahi- but just not what I was looking for. I found one a lot like I was looking for at Simple Recipes- I tweeked it a bit and I'm posting it here for safe keeping because it was so yummy!! Mind you- it was fresh, wild caught ahi- which can make a difference. I'll let you know how it goes with frozen fish, should I break down and try it (but with two avid ocean fisherman in the neighborhood hood, it will be a desperate move!)"
Seared Ahi Marinade created by Tawny Lee T.
Ready In:
1hr 10mins



  • Mix the sesame oil, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, green onion and lime juice in a non metal bowl. Add ahi and coat , cover tightly, and refrigerate for about an hour.
  • Toast the sesame seeds in a pan until light brown (I prefer a blend of white and black sesame seeds- the black ones are hard to find, try an asian market). Remove seeds and allow to cool on a flat plate (you will use this plate to dredge the tuna in)- add cracked pepper.
  • Add olive oil to a skillet and allow it to get HOT.
  • Dredge the ahi in the sesame seeds and pepper to coat and add to the hot pan.
  • Cook only two or three minutes on each side so that the ahi is seared on the outside and rare on the inside.
  • Serve with white rice and green beans that have been either roasted or cooked and drizzled with sesame oil. Sprinkle any extra sesame seeds over the top.
  • garnish with remaining green onion and ENJOY!
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  1. Rachel M.
    delicious!!! I also add half a jalapeno and two handfuls of finely chopped cilantro leaves to the marinade. The cilantro makes such a difference and I wouldn't make this recipe without it. Like another commenter said, I usually double the marinade recipe for better coverage and then use the extra to drizzle over my green beans and steamed rice (I prefer basmati rice for this recipe). I only cook my ahi tuna for about a minute on each side, which is perfect for my tastes as I like the middle rare.
  2. Tawny Lee T.
    Seared Ahi Marinade Created by Tawny Lee T.
  3. Holly F.
    I live in Hawaii and ahi is a regular dish in our house. This is the best marinade I have found! I add a little mustard and end up doubling the recipe for good coverage. You can also marinate longer, even if you use the lime juice. I had a last minute change in plans, and had to leave the tuna on the marinade overnight, and it still turned out great! Mahalo to the submitter and enjoy your perfect seared tuna.
  4. Frau Frau
  5. karen rose
    wonderful recipe... thank you ...

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