Salsa Picante

"I got this recipe from my sister. There are so many ways to use this, and it is so good, much better that salsa in a jar."
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Ready In:
8hrs 15mins
1 1/2 quarts




  • Combine all ingredients in a bowl, mixing well. Cover and chill 8 hours.

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  1. faster
    I want first to congratulate the writer for not presenting a cooked recipe and calling it salsa picante instead of "bottled" salsa picante, as others have done. What goes into the real thing can't always be included in bottles, like cilantro. The idea of using scallions instead of plain onion is interesting, but don't make people think the humble onion won't do, because it will. My only criticism is that soy sauce is never an ingredient in Mexican salsa. I don't know where anyone got the notion to put it in at all. I wouldn't, and I live in Mexico. That ingredient's a head-scratcher. Oh, and where's the GARLIC?? There are some modifications I'd make. One is to use all fresh tomatoes. Another is to omit the vinegar and increase the lime juice - and always fresh, never bottled. The chiles used can be any kind, tho I think serranos are the original. I use pickled jalapenos because of their lovely flavor, instead of just being "chiloso." It's the taste I want, not the lava! Sugar is a good idea, because it retards bitterness, but I think 1/4 tsp ought to do it. I never put it in salsa, but I do in other things, if they have cucumbers, bell peppers or mushrooms, for instance. As for quantities, they can be entirely to personal preference, as well as the sizes they're cut into. Just don't add too much "chiloso" without considering who will be eating it! Pace's sauce is good - for bottled. But they can't put cilantro in it, and THAT is one of the main sources of taste. Always use fresh veggies and herbs. This dish isn't just tasty, it's supposed to be VERY aromatic. Bottling always removes this attribute. And, of course, salsa is always accompanied by genuine tostadas. Not Nachos or Fritos. To a good picante sauce, you need only add some avocado and presto: Guacamole!
  2. melinija7
    I just made this,and it tasted "GREAT" Thank-You



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