Salami and Avocado Sandwich Wrap With Balsamic Mustard Spread

Recipe by echo echo
READY IN: 15mins




  • Stir together Balsamic Mustard Spread ingredients until well blended.
  • Sprinkle cider vinegar, salt and pepper over the onion and avocados.
  • Spread a heaping Tbsp of Balsamic Mustard Spread on each tortilla.
  • Leaving a 1 1/2-inch border at one side of tortilla, scatter half the onion slices over the spread, then top with the greens.
  • Scatter avocado wedges, salami strips and the rest of the onion on top of the greens.
  • Starting with the side of each tortilla with no border, roll toward the side with a border; press edge of tortilla with border against the wrap, allowing the sauce to seal the sandwich (use more sauce if necessary).
  • Eat at once or wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate.