Robyn's Fish Stick Tacos

"I'm posting this recipe by popular request. It is an easy peasy recipe using readily available ingredients. Give it a try! You'll be surprised at this new and delicious way to use fish sticks."
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Ready In:
10 tacos


  • 10 frozen fish sticks (use your favorite brand) or 10 fillets (use your favorite brand)
  • coleslaw mix (just buy the shredded cabbage and carrot mix in your local grocer)
  • 1 diced roma tomato
  • steamed tortilla (I prefer steamed corn tortillas but flour tortillas are delicious, too)
  • ranch dressing


  • Cook the fish sticks according to package directions ( I prefer the Gorton's Beer Batter brand) but use whatever you have.
  • Mix about two cups of the shredded slaw mix with the diced roma tomato and toss until combined.
  • Place a fish stick or two with a couple of pinches of the cabbage/tomato mixture with a big squirt of (about 1 TB) of Ranch dressing into a steamed corn or flour tortilla.
  • A squirt of lime juice gives them a great fresh taste if you have some.
  • Fold it in half and enjoy.

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  1. First time we ate this at dinner, I would have given it 4 fours, but when I ate the leftovers I used tartar sauce instead of ranch (as another reviewer did), and it brought my rating up to 5 stars. I used Trader Joe's jalapeno tartar sauce, so it gave it a nice kick, and it was really the bomb with it. The base recipe is really easy and contains great ingredients. Any way you make it, you will enjoy it.
  2. This is the kind of fish taco I'm talking about! With way too many leftover flour tortillas AND fishsticks, this recipe was perfect. I used Gorton's "Premium Tilapia" fishsticks (I couldn't really discern a difference between these and any others I've tasted) and had to chop up some pre-bagged iceberg salad-mix, but it worked just deliciously. I also added a scoop of chow-chow to each taco, to stand in for the tartar sauce. So easy, so fast, so.. thank you!
  3. Could you ask for anything easier or faster than these tasty fish stick tacos? Made as written and had lunch on the table within 20 minutes. Thanks so much for such a quick tasty lunch.
  4. Well I WAS going to give these one star but since he named them after me... JUST KIDDING! we loved these! even if they didn't have my name in them, this is so simple to prepare and tastes so good! I told my niece in a text what we were having for dinner and how many she would like me to make her when she gets home, I wanted them fresh for her, she said uh one... well after she ate her one she insisted I make her 4 more! she said she thought they would be weird but loved them, my husband really liked them too. And my niece is really happy as it is something easy she will for sure make for herself. I did use Van de Kamps, just personal preference. Didn't need anything to be served with, however I had lime and hot sauce on hand for those who wanted it, the lime was nice. Thank you! Oh I just nuked the tortillas in the microwave under a damp paper towel for one minute, a nice stack of them... perfect.
  5. 4 stars as written, but we increased it to 5 after we ditched the ranch in favor of some Mexican crema (get it at Walmart) jazzed up with cilantro and lime juice. Cole slaw mix or cabbage is best, but we've used iceberg and romaine in a pinch. These are the crunchy fish tacos you've always dreamed of!


  1. Tried this last night and found it delightfully easy and tasty. Substituted some salsa for the tomato and smeared some guac on the tortilla before assembly. Gonna do this again, soon.


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