Roasted Prime Rib Bones or Beef Short Ribs

"I have made this recipe many times using baby back pork ribs, the sauce from this is amazing, I have even added in a bottle of barbecue sauce in with the other ingredients! All ingredients can be doubled and adjusted to suit taste ---I most always serve these ribs with homemade fries or potato pancakes, see my recipe#129156 --- If you prefer a more spicy sauce just increase the cayenne or add in some crushed chili peppers to taste --- make certain to roast the bones in the oven for about 45 minutes before cooking them in the sauce it improves the flavor."
photo by Vicki in CT photo by Vicki in CT
photo by Vicki in CT
photo by Vicki in CT photo by Vicki in CT
Ready In:
2hrs 35mins




  • Prepare and grease a casserole or baking pan (large enough to hold ribs and sauce).
  • Season prime rib bones (baby back pork ribs if using) with seasoning salt, pepper and garlic powder.
  • Place the ribs in the casserole dish, and bake uncovered in a 350 degree oven for about 45-50 minutes; drain any fat.
  • In a bowl mix together the garlic, ketchup vineger, both sugars, chili powder, cayenne pepper and mustard powder; mix well to combine.
  • Add in chopped onions; mix well.
  • Pour the sauce over ribs, and mix with your hands to coat the ribs.
  • Bake uncovered for about 1 - 1-1/2 hours or until the beef (or pork) ribs are tender (baste occasionally, and season sauce salt and pepper if desired).
  • Delicious!

Questions & Replies

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  1. Mikmeg
    Can this recipe be cooked in a slow cooker / crockpot? What would the timing be? Thank you!
  2. BeachGirl
    I have ribs left over from a standing rib roast that we cut into boneless ribeye steaks. Should the ribs be cooked more light baby back ribs, low and slow and long, or more like the ribeye self meaning medium rare


  1. grantg
    I love to try Kittencal's recipes... her versions of almost everything are so delicious. I frequently look to see if she has a recipe for "new" things we decide to try out... just to compare HER recipe to any recipe that we might have found (to make sure it is NOT missing something important). I wanted to fix an oven version of beef short ribs and decided to try her recipe... the sauce ingredients were quite aligned with our preferences (without added commercial BBQ sauce). I did use Mike Mills' Magic Dust for the rub for a more complex flavor to the meat (allowed it to infuse overnight in the refrigerator)... I keep it made up & on hand. Next afternoon I followed the cooking of the short ribs and saucing/basting just as written. Result was just delicious... tasty, tangy, and just a bit of lingering heat!
  2. blueyedgirl
    This recipe is absolutely delicious! We didn't use any of the spicy additives due to personal preference. It had such a pleasant smell and taste! This was an amazing dish! Thank you!!!
  3. Vicki in CT
    The sauce is amazing for this recipe. However, I was disappointed in the fat that remained with the finished product and they seemed over done to me. I did drain a signficant amount of fat after the prebake phase, but the final sauce/short ribs contained a large quantity of grease. While I will not make this recipe again, I will definitely revisit the sauce portion of this recipe.
  4. William Uncle Bill
    Made these marvelous ribs last nite for dinner. I reduced the recipe to 3 lbs. of ribs. Tender, and the sauce was superb. And most importantly, my little doggies throughly enjoyed chewing on the bones. Kept them busy for over 2 hours. Thank you Kitten for this excellent recipe. It is now my favorite for Prime Rib Bones. "Uncle Bill"
  5. Terri Ann Martin
    This recipe was excellent. The ribs are so tender and the sauce is amazing. I forgot to rate the stars in my last rating. And the second day for leftovers was even better. A must keeper recipe by Kittencal. An amazing cook! Terri



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