Refrigerator Kosher Dill Pickles

"I've used this dill pickle recipe as long as I've grown cucumbers. It's easy to make and the pickles taste amazing. I make these in small batches every couple of days as the cucumbers in my garden get big enough to use. They keep for around 6 month in the refrigerator if you don't eat them first."
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Ready In:
1 quart




  • Add salt and spices to each jar. Add cucumbers sliced, whole (ends trimmed) or spears, packing them in tightly. Fill jar to within 1/2 inch of the top.
  • Add pickling liquid to cover the cucumbers. Put a lid and ring on the jar and shake for a few seconds to distribute the salt and spices evenly.
  • Refrigerate for 7 days, shaking the jar for a few seconds every day. These will last approximately 6 months in the refrigerator.

Questions & Replies

  1. Can I reuse the pickling liquid for another batch? Can you use other Cucumber varieties in the recipe?
  2. Can you reuse the brine after the pickles are gone?Do you need to reheat the liquid?
  3. Do the lids and rings for the jars need to be boiled prior to making the pickles so the lids will seal?
  4. Must you use 5 tablespoons of salt for 5 quarts? I used less. Far 2.
  5. What is the nutritional information for these pickles does anyone know out of curiosity?


  1. I have to preface this with the statement... I do not like pickles, never have. But when I saw this recipe, I decided to try them for my hubby's sake, he loves a crisp dill pickle. I even went so far as to buy an 8 oz bag of dill seed online, because I couldn't find small jars in our local grocery stores. I followed the instructions exactly, using pint sized jars as that's what I had in the house. My next statement... I LOVE THESE PICKLES! The hubby and I are actually fighting for the last of the first batch, so yesterday I ran out and bought a bunch of pickle cucumbers, and I'm getting ready to make up a double batch, hoping that will get us through at least 2 weeks. I just love that "bite" from the red pepper flakes, the dill taste is just enough to highlight the pickle, but not so heavy that it turns me off, they're tart without making my mouth purse up... they're perfect! I know I'm coming into this convo 10 years after this recipe was posted, but I just have to say THANK YOU PAUL P for such an excellent, easy to make recipe!!! Ok, back to the kitchen, my water should be cool by now. ;-)
  2. I’ve been making dill pickles for 40 years, always looking for the perfect taste, but never quite getting there. I’ve tried recipes for old fashioned fermented dills and canned vinegar dills and combinations of both. Many were very good, but I was just about ready to stop growing cucumbers because I thought that the Claussen’s refrigerated dills tasted better than any of them. Then I tried this recipe. Eureka! I’m so happy I could spit. I had a feeling that the recipe I wanted would involve no cooking. These dills are dead simple to make and awesomely delicious. (I always add a grape leaf to the jar because the tannins in grape leaves keep the pickles snappy). Thank you for ending a 40 year quest!
  3. I've been experimenting with a lot of pickle recipes lately, and this is hands down my favorite. Great dill flavor. I did use a little more garlic than called for (just added smashed cloves) and will also add sliced onions to the sliced cucumbers next time. For us pickle addicts, these are the bomb.
  4. I just tried this. It was so easy, the pickles stay crunchy. Made 8 jars and so made the cucumbers stopped growing. Cant wait for next year to do more. Would like to give out as gifts. Thanks
  5. These are really great! They have quite a nice "kick" from the red pepper flakes. I made mine in spears but would like to try as chips next time as I think they'd be great on a burger! Thanks so much for posting!


  1. I added a tablespoon of sugar, and reduced the amount of pepper flakes and these pickles were delicious!
  2. Do I have to boil the kids and rings


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