Real Ukrainian Cabbage Rolls

"These will be the best that you have ever tasted, I guarantee it!"
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  • Take core out of center of cabbage.
  • Place head of cabbage in a large pot of Boiling water, cored side down. Cover and simmer as the leaves become pliable remove with tongs and place in a colander that has been placed on a cookie sheet to catch excess water.
  • When done removing all the leaves that can be used, (there will be the center of the cabbage that is too small for use, but do save it!).
  • Place leaves on a cutting board and shave down the "vein" or if the leaf is large enough cut in half on either side of it.
  • Dice bacon and onion and place in a frying pan cook until tender but bacon is not crisp.( DO NOT DRAIN OFF FAT!)Cook rice as pkg. directs BUT remove from heat while rice still has a hard kernel in the center.
  • Add rice and bacon mixture together along with the garlic, dill and the veg oil.
  • Place a spoonful (tbsp) in center of leaf tuck in the sides and roll.
  • Place in a foil pan or roaster until all leaves etc. are done.
  • To bake either use enough water to just cover the rolls or for a different taste, mix one can tomato soup (AYLMERS is best) with i/4 can water and pour over top. Use the leftover cabbage leaves from the core to put over top to prevent scorching; cover with foil.
  • Bake at 325°F for 1.5 to 2 hours.

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  1. I followed the recipe as written except I did not add the 1/4 cup vegetable oil, as the fat from the bacon and the bacon itself supplied more than enough fat - at least we thought it did.. I've been have been making a variety of cabbage rolls over the years, but, I was really disappointed with this recipe. I have in the past used bacon in the rolls and it was quite good, but unfortunately, neither my hubby or myself enjoyed the recipe. However, I made a sauce of tomato sauce, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce (sp?) and garlic powder and poured that over the rolls so that we would not waste the rolls. Really sorry to have to leave such a poor I'll put Fair, and I feel I am being generous. :-(
  2. I can taste the bacon now!!! I have never tasted holubtsi- cabbage rolls with bacon rather than ground meat, plus the dill and the sounds wonderful. I will definitely try making these.



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