Prawn Cocktail

"The classic dish, loved the world over. This recipe comes from Nigella Lawson, and really is a lot simpler then you might think to prepare."
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  • Make sure the prawns are drained well of their briny liquid.
  • Mix the salad cream, ketchup, lemon juice and Tabasco in a bowl.
  • Tip in the prawns and mix to coat them in the Marie-Rose sauce.
  • Finally shred the lettuce, and arrange as a bed on six small plates or shallow bowls.
  • Divide the prawns in their sauce on the centre of each plate in a kind of pyramid, and then scatter with roughly crushed peppercorns or dust with paprika.
  • As long as the prawns were properly thawed and drained before you started immersing them in their famous coral pink sauce, it does not matter if they sit for a good few hours in the fridge before being dolloped out onto their lettuce-lined dishes.

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  1. SarasotaCook
    It was a nice recipe. Made a wonderful lunch. I happen to have the salad cream for another recipe I made recently, so this was perfect. A nice simple dish.<br/>Thx, Made for PAC 2011


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