Praline Muffins

"Great quick and easy recipe from New Orleans, Louisana "Cajun Cookin' School". Picked up the recipe at their store/kitchen/cafe on my way back from Katrina Hurricane Relief along the Gulf Coast of USA. Has been a great treat for friends with a sweet tooth. LOL Actually my wife loves them too. I Bake'em, bag'em 6 in a bag, and we eat'em, whenever!"
photo by Chilicat photo by Chilicat
photo by Chilicat
Ready In:
36 muffins




  • Mix all dry ingredients together in small bowl.
  • Add melted butter to beaten eggs and then add dry ingredients. Refrigerate for 10 minutes.
  • Use metal mini-muffin pans and spray with a non-stick cooking spray for baking or with flour. You MUST use metal pans and non stick spray or muffins will stick in pans.
  • Use a tablespoon and spoon each muffun about 3/4 full into muffin pans. Use a second spoon to slide the mix cleanly off.
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and let rest 5 minutes. Gently tap pans upside down and muffins will fall out.

Questions & Replies

  1. How can I modify the title? MadCity Dale


  1. I was at the cooking school in New Orleans when it was presented as langiappe(a little something special). I brought the recipe home and made them and they have been a hit everywhere I take them. They are c always ju d tithe perfect dessert to add to any meal. Like Lays potato chips you can't eat just one.??
  2. These are the best muffins ever! My entire family love them. They are so easy and quick to make. Definitely one of my favorite desserts!
  3. There's a good reason for using a well-greased metal pan, which I found out when I ran out of pan and used some silicone mini muffin cups for the extra batter. They came out fine and looked nice, but they just didn't have the caramelization and the toasted nut flavor of the ones that were baked in the metal pan. Bake them the right way and these little beasties are ridiculously good! Made for PAC Spring '08.
  4. Took these (got 42 from the mix) to the DS's music recreation group and they were thoroughly enjoyed with just one wee question "HOW DO YOU STOP AT ONE" and the answer "YOU CAN'T - ENJOY". Thank you MadCity Dale. Made for Recipe Swap #13 - February 2008.
  5. These were very easy to make. I made mine exactly as per recipe and made in mini muffin pans. To serve I dusted mine with a little icing sugar (powdered sugar). I have also frozen some but don't think they will stay in freezer very long as they are just so nice with a cup of tea or coffee or even for just a 'sweet fix'. A keeper for me :)


Having spent the last 40 years selling recreational equipment in Southern Wisconsin, I have closed my business and finally have time to cook. I never sold anything that anyone ever "had to have". SO NOW I'M LEARNING HOW TO PREPARE THINGS, FOLKS HAVE-TO-HAVE! Been great fun and love to expermint. My wife says I cook weirdsville. But, someone likes my cooking, and that's what is important to me!
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