Pesto Chicken Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Recipe by Chef #475587
READY IN: 50mins
SERVES: 6-12


  • 1
    (9 3/4 ounce) can chunk chicken (The amount of chicken depends on how many you are making) or 2 -3 pieces shredded cooked chicken (The amount of chicken depends on how many you are making)
  • 6 -12
    cherry tomatoes (You want the largest ones you can find, easier to core and stuff)
  • 4 -6
    tablespoons pesto sauce (canned, jarred, fresh or homemade)
  • 2
    celery ribs, chopped small
  • 6 -12
    green olives, chopped small (I used sun-dried stuffed ones)
  • olive juice, from green olives
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 -3
    tablespoons parmesan cheese (optional) or 2 -3 tablespoons romano cheese (optional)
  • mozzarella cheese (for topping) (optional)


  • Wash and core tomato. I got a tomatoes corer from Bed, Bath and Beyond for $4. Once they are cored place them upside down on a paper towel to get rid of the extra water.
  • In bowl mix chicken, celery and green olives (cheese if you want it). Mix in pesto a bit at a time, taste it once you have mixed in a couple tablespoons. Pesto can overpower the taste if you aren't careful. You may need more or less.
  • If you need a bit more moisture and don’t want to use more Pesto add a bit of olive oil.
  • Pepper to taste. If it needs a more salty taste use either some of the green olive juice or salt (coarse salt is better).
  • Use either a small spoon or a Ziploc bag that the tip was cut from and fill the tomatoes.
  • If you want to get all pretty and fancy you can top it w/cheese or a green olive slice or basil leaf. You can also top w/Mozzarella Cheese and put under the broiler until cheese is melted.