Pea and Cheese Pasta Salad

"An old fashioned macaroni salad from the 195o's!"
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  • Cook the pasta per package directions , making sure not to overcook. Place the peas in the colander and drain the pasta right over the top of the peas, this will cook the peas to a crisp tender doneness. Cool and lightly stir in the rest of the ingredients.
  • Chill at least two hours or overnight and serve. You may need to add more salad dressing or mayo as the pasta tends to absorb it the longer you store it.

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  1. This was okay, but the peas overpowered all other ingredients. I think I would cut the peas in half. I used shredded cheddar cheese which made it easier to eat. But other than that made as directed. I think I might add some tuna to help add some flavor to this dish. I did have to add additional light mayo as the instructions indicated. Made in honor of the life of pammyowl.
  2. Hello everyone I just wanted to share my variant of this recipe I had when I was a child in the 90’s. It was 1 lb of salad pasta or small elbows cooked to instructions. 1lb bag of peas rinsed in a strainer with warm (filtered) water. 1lb of sharp cheddar cheese cut into small cubes. You could use shredded I guess but I think it could make the cheese become mushy possibly. Then I diced a white onion then I diced around 12 gherkin pickles. They are small but use as many as you like for a little sweetness. Then I added 2 cups of mayo like best foods or Hellman’s. I also added around a teaspoon of sea salt and finely ground pepper and a half teaspoon of garlic powder. Mixed all of this up and so good. Reminds me of my childhood. Bringing this to an Easter get together tomorrow with family. Hope this helps someone out but I think the gherkin pickles really make this work.
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  3. I keep this Salad made and in the fridge all summer. It is cool and refreshing change from Potatoe Salad. SEE MY TWEAK
  4. I have made this recipe twice now, I just didn't review it before. I made it the 1st time (per instructions), using Hellmans mayo and the 1/2 cup onion called for. It was quite good, but did not seem to have much flavor other than onion & mayo (which is why I would have only given it only 4 stars). But the 2nd time, making this today, I used Miracle Whip (light) salad dressing and 1/4 cup of onion and it was great! I guess it's all personal preference (its nice that you can adjust it easily to your own taste, and so very easy to assemble... thanks for the options). I used elbow macaroni (TIP: my 2nd time I only boiled the noodles to al dente because my 1st attempt got mushy after mixing everything in, so DO NOT over cook your pasta & be sure to let it sit for at least an hour in the fridge so that the flavors can mingle). I did not use the pickle/relish option (just because I don't like it). Thank you for posting a terrific recipe that brought back many childhood memories.


  1. This recipe is as old as Dry Pasta and Frozen Vegetables :-). I have never been a fan of canned vegetables. They are over processed, too much salt added and a mushey texture. Additionally, this is one of thoes go-to recipes for almost any occasion and any families taste's. The basics are simple Cooked pasta, Uncooked frozen Peas, Cheese and Dressing seasonings. My grandmother used small maccaroni, mom used tiny shell, I use Rotteni or whatever is available in the Pasta Drawer of my pantry. There are not many rules, it is a matter of tastes and immagination. I was raised on Mayo but my husband and kids prefered Salad dressing ("MW" not the stuff you pour from a bottle) My grandmother and Mom used cubed Cheddar while my kids would pick it out of the salad unless I substituted Velveeta. I preferr NO cheese. In an effort to get more vegetables in the kids diet I added frozen cubed carrots along with the eas. I have even used a bag of frozen mixed vegetables. I have also added a jar of minced drained pimento, added diced celery and a confetti of colored diced bell pepper. For my grandchildren I now leave out the onion. Some say the Peas overpower the flavors. That is what makes this such a versatile recipe adjust the amounts to suit you tastes and crowd requirements. One thing I might note is liberaly add Salt to the water you use to cook the pasta in just as you would to cook spagetti pasta. The water should taste as salty as seawater. most of the salt will be lost when the pasta id drained. Also, DO NOT over cook the pasta and DO NOT rinse it. I find about six and a half minutes is just perfect but it will vary depending on the area and altitude where you live. If you place all the frozen veggies in an extra large heat proof bowl (I use a stainless steel chefs bowl) and immediatly pour the DRAINED, HOT pasta over the FROZEN veggies. The pasta will thaw the veggies and the veggies will cool the pasta. perfectly. Once at room temp you can begin adding anthing you like ending with the dressing of your choice. Adjust the seasoning and refrigerate.


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