Onion Skin Easter Eggs

"This was a recipe of my grandmother and maybe her mothers. My grandmother was born in 1869. These eggs were always a favorite in our easter baskets,as well as those of my children. If you ask, someone in produce will be happy to provide you with the onion skins."
photo by papergoddess photo by papergoddess
photo by papergoddess
Ready In:
1hr 10mins
12 as many as will fit in pan




  • Place in a heavy pot a thick layer of onions skins.
  • Then a layer of eggs, then a layer of onion skin and so on,until you have in the pot as many eggs as you want.
  • Fill Pot with water to cover all.
  • Cook on medium heat and checking the eggs now and then until they are almost a burgundy in color.

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  1. Some truly delicious food. Amazing with corn too. Good for the heart and soul, eat it on a plate or a bowl. Change the way you think of food. This meal will brighten your mood. Doesnt matter if the tables thin. I truly love these onion skins. Deeper than it truly seems. People are like onions layers in 3s. I will rate these a 5. tastes amazing, a nice surprise.
  2. I saw someone dying eggs with natural ingredients on television and I wanted to try it. Then through a happy coincidence I got my hands on a whole bag full of onion skins my local greengrocer was about to throw out. So I made this but also added a cup of red wine vinegar to the pot. It worked very well and the eggs had a rich red-brown colour. I took one to show the greengrocer afterwards and he couldn't believe the eggs had such an intense colour just from the onions. I recommend this if you dye eggs at Easter as it is much healthier than the dyes sold in the shops.
  3. Tried this this year and its very easy and effective.
  4. I'm glad that somebody else does this too! Thats how we always do them at home for russian orthodox easter. Try red onion skins too.


I like to cook, I am a simple cook though. I find it nice to take a few simple ingredients, that by them selves may not be much, but put them together and they turn into a nourishing meal. I have raised 5 sons, they are all grown now. So I have cooked a meal or two in my life. I still like to cook,but I don't cook as much as I used to. My favorite meal is fried pork chops, Mashed potatoes and gravy, with spaghetti a close second.I like things that are easy to make, these days if it is not I probably won't go to the trouble.
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