Old Bay Seasoning #2

"If you have the ingredients on hand this is a less expensive way to go-a must for crab cakes and shrimp."
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Ready In:
1/4 cup




  • Combine well and store in an airtight continer.

Questions & Replies

  1. How long does the spice last In the cupboard?


  1. Thank you for posting the Recipe for Old Bay Seasoning. I had not been able to find it in our area. I have found several recipes that called for it. I made up some this morning. I am making up some and putting into little spice jars for Christmas gifts. Also including recipes.
  2. A very good substitute for Old Bay Seasoning. I did use the optional ground mace and ground cardamom. To compare, I tasted this mix and Old Bay Seasoning. The only change I'd make is to double the celery salt next time. Thanks Marj..this is a good copycat recipe!
  3. Pretty darn good. I did a side by side taste testing. I thought it needed a bit more celery salt. It's sure got kick! Thanks for posting DiB!
  4. Perfect! Simply perfect. Much to my chagrin, I found out after moving to the UK this year that Old Bay Seasoning was not readily available. So, I whipped up a batch of this and it was amazingly good. This recipe is spot on. Tastes just like the real thing.
  5. I'm not sure if it was the brand of nutmeg, but our mix was too strong on the nutmeg side. My husband agreed. We used it for making crab cakes.


  1. This is a great spice recipe. I make it as listed, except I use additional nutmeg, cloves and ginger in place of the mace and cardamon, only because I don't have those two last ingredients in my spice rack. I have used this seasoning for grilled tuna steaks three times now, and the steaks were a huge hit. Thank you for this recipe!
  2. Fantastic reproduction! Thank you so much. I live in Annapolis, Maryalnd and Old Bay started in the area (Baltimore). The history follows after my comments below. I added more paprika, some garlic salt, substituted chili powder for the red pepper flakes and substituted nutmeg for the mace. My next batch I will add even more paprika. http://www.mccormick.com/content.cfm?ID=9257 Old Bay Seasoning was founded more than 60 years ago: a man named Gustav Brunn arrived in the United States from Germany with a hand-held spice grinder and a dream of starting a spice business. In 1939, Brunn settled in Baltimore and developed his secret recipe, which would later become Old Bay Seasoning. This unique blend of more than a dozen herbs and spices was created for a population passionate about steamed crabs, and has since become synonymous with the Chesapeake Bay and its locals. Celery, bay leaves, and mustard combine with the heat of red pepper and ginger to tempt palates from grilled fish and steamed shrimp to fried chicken, potato salad, and vegetable dips. This unique spice blend evokes images of seaside dining, salty sea breezes, and sandy beaches. Yet this fantastic blend is also at home adding flavor to bounty thats fresh from the farm as well as the sea.
  3. I had to make a few substitutions--celery seed plus salt for the celery salt, eliminated the mace because I didn't have any, and I ground my own bay leaves (I needed 12). I just threw everything in the food processor to grind it finely and then used it in Recipe #219236. I have never tried Old Bay Seasoning, so I don't know if this approximates it, but it is very very good! Thanks for posting!
  4. Great! My first time making Old Bay and I think my first time trying it, too. I prepared the seasoning the same manner as countrywife. Note: coffee grinders are perfect appliances for preparing spice mixes. I have one for grinding coffee only and the other for making spice mixes. My rule is: if I can make the mix myself at home, then I never buy the store bought ever agian. To cut down on the sodium, I used celery seeds instead of celery salt. Used freshly ground nutmeg, too. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure I'll find plenty of other uses for Old Bay-and not just on seafood. cg ;)



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