Nuwave Oven Roasted Peppers Nuwave/Flavorwave Ovens

READY IN: 20mins




  • Wash, core and halve peppers
  • Remove pepper seeds and pith
  • Arrange pepper halves in shallow baking pan skin side up, quartering pepper(s) if necessary to fit one layer in pan
  • Lightly brush or spray oil on skin side of pepper halves, for easier pepper skin removal after roasting
  • Place baking pan on 4” rack
  • Cook on High power 15 minutes
  • (Pepper skins should blister and blacken in spots)
  • Remove NuWave cover; use tongs to rearrange peppers skin side up in pan as necessary to ensure even roasting
  • Re-cover and cook on High power additional 10 minutes or until pepper skins are fairly evenly roasted
  • Leave peppers in pan in covered NuWave Oven about 30 minutes or until cool enough to handle (This step steams the peppers, completing the cooking process. Alternatively, using tongs immediately transfer roasted peppers to bowl and cover bowl with plastic wrap until cool enough to handle)
  • Lay peppers on cutting board and slip off skins, scraping off any remaining skin with paring knife (Pepper skins remove easier while still warm, rather than chilled)
  • Leave peppers halved, quartered or slice in strips to use as desired
  • To freeze prepared peppers after skin removal, wrap cooled portions in plastic wrap, or separate layers with wax paper Place portions in a quart-size freezer bag or other freezer container
  • Label bag or container and freeze.