Nam Prik Nam Pla (Traditional Thai Sauce)

"This is the classic Thai condiment you always find on a Thai table, whether its a restaurant or home. It is spooned onto everything from fried rice to noodle soups. Tightly sealed, this will keep up to 2 weeks. There are many versions of this sauce, this is the one that my family likes. Feel free to adjust the sour (lime juice), salty (fish sauce), sweet (sugar) or spicy to your liking."
photo by Matthew H. photo by Matthew H.
photo by Matthew H.
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photo by NIkki C. photo by NIkki C.
photo by NIkki C. photo by NIkki C.
photo by NIkki C. photo by NIkki C.
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  • Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until thoroughly blended.
  • Store in airtight container up to two weeks.
  • Serve with Thai Fried rice, grilled meats and satays, noodle soups or even with plain Jasmine rice.

Questions & Replies

  1. Did you remove the seeds from the peppers? Birds eye chiles are not that hot so I think I shouldn't remove them.


  1. Tightly sealed in mason jar or tupperware & refrigerated this will keep waaaaay longer - we keep this in the back of the fridge, adding many more sliced peppers & refreshing as it gets low. We love the peppers once they are macerated. Thinking about it we have almost treated this like a starter, just adding lime juice & fish sauce & brown sugar or peppers to maintain ratio of liquid to peppers. That container has been in the fridge since...whoa, I'm embarassed to admit - suffice it to say, a long time & it is REALLY Good! Great source of B vitamins & vitamin C as well! Thank you for posting
  2. My recipie called for juice of 2 limes, a squeeze of lemon, thin slice sweet onion and red onion, I didn't have thai pepper so I I used habanero and jalapenos. To that I added the fish sauce and brown sugar and mix well with fresh cilantro it was divine fire!
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  3. Outstanding. A bit puzzled by the tablespoons for the fish sauce and cups for the lime. Worked out equal amounts of each is fine. I used half the amount of sugar and used raw rather than brown for lighter flavour. I added finely diced lime skin, about the same quantity as the garlic. I used a top quality fish sauce, Red Boat. Here the quality of the fish sauce is crucial to a refined flavour overall. I’ve eaten endless amounts of this in Thailand. This recipe is the best I’ve had. Thanks.
  4. Skip the brown sugar, add Kaffir lime leaves. I also add fresh ginger and skip the garlic.
  5. delicious! nice balence of heat, sweet, sour, and salty. Thank you for sharing it!


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