Most Refreshing Lemonade You Will Ever Taste! - Quick & Easy

"This is the best tasting, most satisfying, easiest homemade lemonade you will ever drink. What could be more satisfying on a hot summer day than the cool, brisk refreshing taste of lemonade? This is so easy with the help of a citrus juicer to juice the lemons."
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Ready In:
2 Quarts




  • Combine lemon juice, sugar and club soda stirring well to dissolve sugar.
  • Add sliced lemon to pitcher.
  • Chill.
  • Enjoy!

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  1. Perfectly accurate title, Bev. I had printed out this recipe some time ago but only used it this weekend. "Looking forward" to 5 hours of yardwork in 90 degree heat (and 90% humidity), I mixed this up early in the morning. By the time we were ready for our first work break, it was cold and OH so refreshing. I am not a carbonation fan, so used the store brand club soda (not as much "punch" as the brand names), but will try the better stuff next time. The soda neutralizes ALL of that lemon & you end up with the best, most thirst-quenching drink I've had in a long long time. Definitely give this stuff a try!
  2. I am a big lemonade fan (in fact I would say connoisseur except I am not sure how to spell connoisseur). This lemonade is the best I have ever tasted! I have on occasion had lemonade similar to this in restaurants but this is clearly the best. Please note that it is not fair to this lemonade if the first time you try it you are not HOT and THIRSTY. So let's be FAIR!
  3. I made this for my BBQ and it was gone when I looked in the cooler. IT must have been good, the pop and punch was passed over for it.
  4. WOW(Caps intended!), Auntie Bev'll! "Heaven in a pitcher" indeed this is- you should be "CROWNED" - "THE LEMONADE QUEEN" for this! I halved the recipe and made this early today morning using 1 can of 'Everest' brand of Club Soda(355ml) and 1 can of 'Krest' brand of Club Soda (a little over 300 ml). "WOW WOW WOW" - I'm not saying it, I'm just echoing what our AC technicians had to say, when after slogging over our broken down central air conditioner this entire "day", I handed them a glass each of this refreshing drink. They were thanking me endlessly and I was mentally passing on all the "Thank You's" to YOU:) My bro. says he wants to have this on his 18th Birthday(coming up on 24th Nov!) for his friends at his party! THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES, you're amazin, simply amazing, just GREAT!
  5. You've got another winner here!! My family loves lemon shake ups and this reminded us of a lemon shake up soda!! Refreshing describes this perfectly!! We served these in tall frozen glasses with straws along with hamburgers off the grill, a perfect summer night meal!! Thanks for another great recipe :)


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