Meximelt a La Amy

READY IN: 12mins




  • Prepare the hamburger meat and drain off all the grease and/or water. Season.
  • Microwave the tortilla until it is soft and easy to roll.
  • Place a layer of ground beef in the bottom.
  • Combine all the cheeses (I just throw it all in a zip-top bag and shake so if there is any left over, I can have it for later.)and sprinkle the desired amount over the beef.
  • Add desired amount of salsa, but do not use too much.
  • (This is sort of like a taco, only the cheese is melted and there is no lettuce or sour cream or any other toppings.).
  • Fold in half and place on a plate.
  • Microwave for 30 seconds or just until the cheese is melted.