Melting Pot Swiss Cheddar Fondue

"How can you go wrong with bread and hot melted cheese? This is the actual recipe used at The Melting Pot. It's not exactly a secret since they make it at the table, but our waitress even told me the exact amounts and I wrote them down!"
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photo by SweetsLady
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  • Mix cheeses with flour.
  • Heat beer in fondue pot until steaming.
  • Add Worcestershire, garlic, mustard and pepper; mix well.
  • Add cheese and stir until melted.
  • Use chunks of bread, veggies and apples for dipping in cheese mixture.

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  1. This is really close to the Melting Pot's cheddar fondue (a lot closer than the others on this site), but the cheeses are reversed. At the Melting Pot it's 2 parts sharp cheddar and 1 part Emmenthaler cheese. I've been going to the Melting Pot since the '80's and have made it many times at home, so I know the recipe well. :-)
  2. This was good. It did taste like the one they serve at the Melting Pot, but ours was a little too thin. We followed the recipe exactly and it still came out a little soupy. Next time we may use less beer. Still a good recipe. Thanks for posting!
  3. We really enjoyed this! Made as directed, using Tillamook sharp cheddar and Jarlsberg swiss. It's important not to use pre-shredded cheese. Used a Bud Light and didn't find the beer flavor at all overpowering. In fact my 7 year-old son tasted and loved it. Served with bread cubes, multigrain and sourdough, rye pretzels, mushrooms cut in half, and baby carrots cut in half. Thanks for the sharing!
  4. I'm fairly new to fondues. I thought this was teriffic! It was definitely a bit strong though, next time I will probably look for an alternate way to cook it. Perhaps less beer or using milk instead... like a couple of other reviewers mentioned. Great recipe!
  5. Right now I'm sitting here wishing I didn't eat that much. Wow was this good!..I used a block of Smoky Cheddar/Swiss with a side of swiss. It was not thin, it was perfect and I can't believe we just ate a half a loaf of bread. Worth every Bite! Made exactly as posted and I will make this again next year after I walk it off-LOL! Thanks for posting! Most excellent!!


  1. This was wonderful! I have to admit that I used milk instead of beer but I don't think it could have tasted much better. :) Thanks for the great recipe, JenniferK2!


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