Mango Chicken Your Kids Will Eat

Recipe by tigerduck
READY IN: 1hr 20mins




  • You've got two options: either you follow the original recipe and leave the chicken breasts whole which means that you fry them and cut them afterwards - or you slice the chicken breasts which obviously means that you don't need to cut the meat after frying. The meat I bought was sliced already, so I couldn't follow the original recipe.
  • Whatever you decide, marinate either the whole or sliced chicken breasts with the crushed clove and grated ginger. One hour (or more) if you leave the breasts whole and 30 minutes (or more) if you decide to cut them in advance.
  • In the meantime puree the mango. You will need ca 220g mango puree which was ca 3/4 of the puree I got from one medium sized mango.
  • Fry meat over medium heat until it has a nice colour. Season with salt and pepper while frying. Remove from skillet and set aside.
  • Fry shallots in the skillet you used for the meat. Add the spices. The stated amount will result in a very mild curry, but you can add more once you've added all the ingredients for the sauce. Fry the shallots and spices on low heat until fragrant.
  • Add cream and 220g (ca 3/4 of a medium mango) of the mango puree. Cook for 10 minutes, stirring frequently. Season with salt and pepper and add more of the spices, the mango puree or the cream if desired.
  • Slice the meat (if it's not sliced already) and add it to the sauce with its juice.
  • Wait until meat has heated and cooked and serve with rice.
  • The chicken breasts could also be barbecued, cut in slices and added to the sauce. The original recipe says barbecuing the breasts on coal will result in a particular tasty flavour.