Lebanese Kibbeh in a Tray

Recipe by Steve P.
READY IN: 2hrs 20mins




  • Select lamb from loin of the animal.
  • Pound the cubed meat with a teaspoon of salt in a stone mortar with a wooden mallet.
  • Remove meat from mortar when it becomes pasty.
  • Now pound onion with a teaspoon of salt and the pepper until it is reduced to a pulp.
  • Combine meat and onion and pound together until very smooth.
  • Wash bulghur well in running water but do this quickly so that it does not soften.
  • Press to remove water.
  • Knead bulghur and meat with the hands.
  • Pound together in mortar.
  • Add salt to taste.
  • Dip mallet in ice water occasionally to keep meat moist and smooth.
  • Properly prepared kibbeh must be pounded at least an hour.
  • Then it is ready to be eaten as it is, or cooked in a variety of ways.
  • Preparation time may be shortened considerably by grinding meat several times through fine blade of meat grinder.
  • Grind onion twice.
  • Grind onions with meat once.
  • Combine washed bulghur with meat-onion mixture.
  • Knead well, seasoning with salt and pepper.
  • Grind this mixture three times adding a tablespoon of ice water to keep it smooth.
  • To make stuffing: Heat fat.
  • Fry chopped onions in it until soft.
  • Add meat and fry until lightly browned.
  • Add pine nuts and continue frying until they are slightly browned and the meat has lost its pink color entirely.
  • Season with salt, pepper and cinnamon.
  • Pour off excess fat.
  • To make Kibbeh in a Tray: Grease a shallow 12 x 18 inch baking pan.
  • Pat a layer of basic kibbeh smoothly and firmly over the bottom of the pan to the depth of one inch.
  • Cover this evenly with with a layer of stuffing.
  • Top with a second layer of kibbeh slightly thicker than the first.
  • Score into diamond shapes with a sharp knife.
  • Pour one cup melted samneh or butter over all.
  • Bake in moderate oven about 20 minutes, or until well browned.
  • Serve hot or cold.