Italian Buttercream

"One of the many true buttercream frostings that i learned in culinary school. It is great on cakes!"
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1 cake




  • Heat sugar and water to 240 degrees.
  • whip egg whites till almost a stiff peak then shut off.
  • when sugar is done flip mixer on low and pour sugar in bowl.Immediately turn mixer on high and whip till cool.
  • slowly add butter.
  • flavor to your liking (any kind of extract will work and so will liquors).

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  1. I've enjoyed the recipes on for many years but I signed up just now just to review this recipe! Freakin' unbelievable! I was afraid to overdo the butter but since it is added slowly, I just checked it after the third stick was incorporated. I added 1/2 teaspoon of clear vanilla and skipped the last butter. (so only used 3/4lb) It was heavenly tasting and such a JOY to spread. This will be going on my brother's wedding cake!
  2. I decided to make this frosting for Easter because I have been wanting to move away from the cloyingly sweet confectioners sugar recipes and I got rave reviews! Best frosting I have made! I did end up adding a little bit of confectioners sugar at the end because I also found it very buttery and not quite sweet enough. The cupcakes that I frosted and refrigerated were still delicious the next day after letting them sit out a little to let the frosting soften up. However, the leftover frosting that I had packed up and refrigerated tasted really bad and the texture changed by the second day when I wanted to use it again -as this was my first attempt at buttercream I am not sure why this happend but had to throw it out :( If anyone has suggestions on what to do about that please let me know!
  3. This was my first time making Italian Buttercream. I did not love the taste, until after I turned it chocolatey by adding in some cocoa powder. Then it was really yummy. As written, it was very, very buttery tasting, for me it was a bit much. That's why I added cocoa. The texture is AMAZING. Silky smooth, I can't wait to experiment more with Italian Buttercream, but I definitely need to maybe add more sweetness? Not sure I can ever get past that super buttery taste.
  4. This is an excellent recipe. I have made it many times.
  5. This turned out very well. Light and fluffy and slightly sweet. I thought it could stand to be a bit sweeter, but overall very good.


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