Healthy Sorbet

Recipe by spatchcock
READY IN: 5mins
SERVES: 2-10


  • 1
    cup cut fresh fruit
  • 14
    cup soymilk or 1/4 cup fruit juice
  • honey (optional)


  • Add ingredients to a blender and liquify.
  • Pour into containers, cover and freeze.
  • Eat with a spoon!
  • Combination Suggestions:
  • Apple, Banana, Pear.
  • Mixed Berries.
  • Strawberry, Banana, Blueberry.
  • Mango, Pear, Apple.
  • Pineapple, Raspberry, Banana.
  • Notes: This is a great way to cut down on sugar because fruit is naturally sweet when ripe.
  • If you are an absolute sweet-a-holic, you can mix approximately 1/4- to 1/2-teaspoon of honey (uncooked) for each 1-cup serving of sorbet.
  • Or, you can add a banana.
  • You can make a thinner sorbet with more soymilk or juice or add chopped ice to the mixture.
  • Sometimes I prefer a thinner mixture if I am using grainy berries (e. g., blueberries, raspberries).
  • You can make sorbet cubes in ice trays with mini-bamboo skewers (you can cut long skewers with a scissors to fit).
  • You can purchase low-cost, disposable, small containers with lids for easy travel and cook-out fun.
  • You may even find popcicle trays in your supermarket!
  • You can cover dishes with plastic wrap, if you wish to serve sorbet in decorative bowls.
  • This makes a wonderful dessert for parties.
  • Sorbet is an excellent way to use over-ripe fruit.
  • When blended together and frozen, the fruit is quite delicious.
  • Be creative with your recipes and please feel free to share them with me!