Healthy Sorbet

"This is an adopted recipe. Here's what the OP had to say about it: "This is my recipe and is an excellent solution to managing your consumption of fat, triglycerides, sugar, etc., because it's all-natural without the need for any additives of any kind. Kids love eating and making this recipe, too! And it is the healthiest alternative to sugared treats. Best of all, you can eat as much as you like without any guilt -- if you do guilt with your eating program (such a waste -- see my profile).""
Healthy Sorbet created by MsBindy
Ready In:


  • 1 cup cut fresh fruit
  • 14 cup soymilk or 1/4 cup fruit juice
  • honey (optional)


  • Add ingredients to a blender and liquify.
  • Pour into containers, cover and freeze.
  • Eat with a spoon!
  • Combination Suggestions:

  • Apple, Banana, Pear.
  • Mixed Berries.
  • Strawberry, Banana, Blueberry.
  • Mango, Pear, Apple.
  • Pineapple, Raspberry, Banana.
  • Notes: This is a great way to cut down on sugar because fruit is naturally sweet when ripe.
  • If you are an absolute sweet-a-holic, you can mix approximately 1/4- to 1/2-teaspoon of honey (uncooked) for each 1-cup serving of sorbet.
  • Or, you can add a banana.
  • You can make a thinner sorbet with more soymilk or juice or add chopped ice to the mixture.
  • Sometimes I prefer a thinner mixture if I am using grainy berries (e. g., blueberries, raspberries).
  • You can make sorbet cubes in ice trays with mini-bamboo skewers (you can cut long skewers with a scissors to fit).
  • You can purchase low-cost, disposable, small containers with lids for easy travel and cook-out fun.
  • You may even find popcicle trays in your supermarket!
  • You can cover dishes with plastic wrap, if you wish to serve sorbet in decorative bowls.
  • This makes a wonderful dessert for parties.
  • Sorbet is an excellent way to use over-ripe fruit.
  • When blended together and frozen, the fruit is quite delicious.
  • Be creative with your recipes and please feel free to share them with me!

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  1. zaar junkie
    I had a couple frozen bananas in the freezer so I put those plus 1/4 cup chocolate almond milk in the food processor and blended until smooth - delicious!! I put this in the freezer and although my bf thought it was good, I thought the texture right out of the processor was better than refreezing. This is such an easy and healthy dessert. Thanks for posting! This is a winner!
  2. sophie_bs
    I made a grape sorbet the other day, it tasted pretty good, I also used soy milk. When I took it out of the freezer it was more like an ice block but I put it in the fridge for an hour and it softened a bit. A good recipie :)
  3. BonBons
    mmm... using soy milk really made it thick and more sorbet-like.. its like eating fruity ice cream without the guilt!
  4. MsBindy
    Healthy Sorbet Created by MsBindy
  5. MsBindy
    I used peaches, blueberries and banana. Yummmmmmm.


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