Grilled Salmon With Curry Sauce





  • Cover dried chilies with some boiling water and allow to stand until softened, usually about 15 minutes. Handling carefully, so the chilies do not burn your hands, mince with scissors. If you are using fresh chilies, simply slice into rings.
  • Dissolve tamarind paste in about a cup of water.
  • Heat butter in a large skillet, then add onions. Let them caramelize slightly, then stir in 1 teaspoon each of turmeric and cumin powder. After a few minutes add dissolved tamarind paste, minced chilies, ginger, coconut milk and salt to taste. Since this will be rather thick, add some water. Then simmer to allow all these spices and flavors to marry. To add a little brightness, add the juice of an orange. Lime or lemon might be better. The sauce can be made ahead and reheated before grilling your fish. **The heat of this sauce is tempered by the flavor of the salmon. It can also be tempered with some raita or chutney on the side, or even just plain yogurt. OR instead of using 2 chilies, just use one.**.
  • Sprinkle salmon with salt, a teaspoon of turmeric and a light dusting of cumin powder.
  • Grill salmon over a hot fire, being careful not to overcook. Fresh salmon is far better when slightly rare, JMHO. I start with grilling the fleshy side down first. After 3-4 minutes, turn carefully so that skin side is down and grill another 3-4 minutes, depending on the thickness of your fillet. As you remove from the grill, the skin, which I don't find appetizing, will stick to the grill, easily skinning your fresh grilled fillet.
  • Serve with the curry sauce and garnish with cilantro. Wash down with a chilled rose wine.