Granny's Sugar Cookies

"You can make beautiful cookies with this simple recipe for successful holiday baking or parties. Can't beat home-made sugar cookies! Hope you like them..."
photo by SaraFish photo by SaraFish
photo by SaraFish
Ready In:
2 dozen




  • Divide dough in two parts.
  • Chill 1 to 2 hours for easy handling.
  • Roll dough, one part at a time, (keep 2nd cold till ready to roll) to 1/8-inch thickness and cut with cookie cutters.
  • Transfer to cookie sheet.
  • Preheat oven to 375°F.
  • Bake for 8-10 minutes.
  • Frost if desired.

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  1. Do you know your sugar cookies have traveled all the way to France?! I'm an American who relocated to France a year ago and I love recipezaar because it helps me remember American style cooking! Anyway, we LOVED these sugar cookies! They were delicious! What a yummy recipe!
  2. Very good! A nice basic rolled sugar cookie recipe that yields a dough that's easy to work with. We added food coloring for our pumpkin cookies, subbed with margarine and added a dash of almond extract for a little more flavor. Thanks for posting! We uploaded a picture of our Halloween cookies too.
  3. We called these "Granny Cookies" growing up. My Granny would add nutmeg and walnuts, chocolate chips or raisins. We just drop by spoon instead of rolling them out. Also, have a glass of milk handy for dunking. Yummy memories.
  4. Emergency cookie recipe, ran out of gingerbread in the middle of houses!! So we used this for the roof!! Rolled it out quite thin and baked for 8 min. Pretty good, I didn't have any flavorings but thought they tasted fine. If making for strictly eating i would add vanilla and almond though.
  5. YUK!!! Sorry Granny:( These were extremely BLAND and not one kid out of 5 would eat them. They did try and spit them out. Maybe ALOT better if it had MORE alot more sugar or something. They liked the sprinkles I put on them...but thats it.Do more searches before making these and see the differences.


I'm a "newbee" to this site, but not to cooking. I love great food and to share recipes and this site is great! I don't know where the information of a "fry cook" came from, but I would consider myself anything else but that :) A NYC girl originally, lived in London and Canada where I am now. Met lots of interesting people along life's way who taught me a great deal and enriched my life with their knowledge of cooking. With my children now adults, the family has doubled in size and my commitment to making memories to pass down to another generation inspires me to cooking. I find cooking a creative expression of one's personality and never tire of new challenges in the kitchen.
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