Ginger Chicken Teppan

"My family love the way of the Wok, because it's just so nice to be able to knock up a delicious and healthy meal in a few minutes after a long day's work. This recipe comes from the wonderful Wagamama restaurant and is a sure-fire favourite in our household - gingery and lovely. You will need Tsuyu sauce for this recipe which isn't shown in the ingredients as Zaar's database doesn't recognise it. It can be found in almost any big asian supermarket or I've uploaded a recipe for it. Please note that the Coriander in the recipe is *not* Coriander seeds, but the green leaves of the plant."
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  • You will need Tsuyu sauce for this recipe which can be bought from most oriental supermarkets. This was not included in the ingredients as Zaar's database doesn't recognise it!
  • Firstly cook the udon in a pan of boiling water for 2-3 minutes, drain and refresh under a cold tap, then strain.
  • Get a large bowl and put in the sliced red onion, the spring onion lengths, the grated rooted ginger, the red chilli, the garlic, the beaten eggs, the rough chopped coriander, the finely sliced mange-tout, the beansprouts and the Tsuyu sauce. Mix a little then add the noodles and give another mix to coat everything in the sauce.
  • Heat a wok over a medium flame until almost smoking before adding the vegetable oil. Add the chicken strips and stir-fry for 3-4 minutes. Season.
  • Add everything from the bowl and stir-fry for another 3-4 minutes.
  • Divide between 2 plates and scatter the pickled ginger, fried dried shallots over, then finish off with a few sprigs of coriander as a garnish.

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  1. Very tasty when made it's originally intended way. I'll certainly make it again.
  2. First, I didn't use coriander because I don't like it. I also didn't use the garnish and doubled the grated ginger (I really like it). I also used 1c of tsuyu sauce (unspecified). This recipe turned out strangely... it wasn't pretty looking, however it tasted pretty darn good. I couldn't get the noodles to brown (*sigh* udon) like I wanted. Tsuyu sauce appears to be listed in Recipezaar's ingredients as "tsuyu soba" since it is typically a soba sauce (finding a recipe for tsuyu is easy and it's a snap to make). If I make this again I will tweak it quite a bit and maybe cut out an egg to help the look and consistency.
  3. My fiance liked this better than I did. (He had a full second helping.) I would try this again if I could find Tsuyu sauce. I couldn't find it at our local oriental general store (they'd never heard of it), so I substituted Memmi (about 2/3 of the 10 oz bottle), which was recommended as a substitute for a couple other recipes that called for Tsuyu sauce. I doubled the recipe because most of the ingredients I had to buy in greater quantities than the recipe called for, and I didn't use fried dried shallots. Also, I used coriander seeds, although I think JustEmma may have intended for us to use cilantro, which I will try next time (when I have Tsuyu sauce).


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