Elephant Ears

"These aren't really elephant ears but they are tasty little cinnamon and sugar filled pastries!"
photo by Lalaloula photo by Lalaloula
photo by Lalaloula
photo by Lalaloula photo by Lalaloula
Ready In:
4 elephant ears




  • Heat the oven to 425 degrees.
  • Grease a cookie sheet with shortening.
  • Heat margarine until melted; set aside.
  • Stir flour, 2 tablespoons sugar, the baking powder and salt in a medium bowl.
  • Stir in milk and 3 tablespoons of the melted margarine until dough forms.
  • Sprinkle a surface lightly with flour; turn dough onto surface.
  • Knead 10 times.
  • Roll dough with a rolling pin or pat with hands into a rectangle, 9x5 inches.
  • Brush with remaining melted margarine, using a pastry brush; sprinkle with mixture of 3 tablespoons sugar and cinnamon.
  • Roll dough up tightly, beginning at narrow end.
  • Pinch edge of dough into roll to seal.
  • Cut into 4 equal pieces with sharp knife.
  • Place cut sides up on cookie sheet; pat each into a 6-inch circle.
  • Sprinkle with more sugar.
  • Bake until golden brown, 8 to 10 minutes.
  • Immediately remove from cookie sheet with a spatula.
  • Let cool on wire rack.

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  1. Can I please give these mor than just five stars?! They are indeed very tasty little (or maybe not so little) treats. They came together very quickly and easily and tasted oh so good. Nearly like one of my favourite pastries you can buy in the bakeries here in Hamburg, where I live. The cinnamon butter filling is so tasty and the dough has a fantastic consistency. Thanks so much for sharing this winner of a recipe with us, Abby C! I will most definitely make it soon again (maybe with a cinnamon apple filling).
  2. OMG!!! I used to make these ALL the time!!!! I got the alpha cook book in pre school and have been making these for ages!!!! The dough is kinda dry, and they dont have the best taste, BUT they are so fun and easy for kids to make. I love this recipe/coobook!
  3. THIS IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE RECIPES! It's in a children's cookbook (Alpha-Bakery) that my mom got as some freebie from a brand of flour when I was probably 7 years old. I'm still making this one...although I can never make less than a triple or quadruple recipe. Just goes too fast in my house.
  4. I absolutely love these. My sister and I used to make them all the time when we were kids. So delicious. Today I was sick and felt like a cinnamon roll. I didn't feel like waiting for anything to rise, and definitely didn't want it to be too involved. I remembered these for some reason and decided to try them. Absolutely perfect, definitely cured my craving! I topped with cream cheese frosting instead of more sugar. Delish and so easy.
  5. I am confused about the reviews here, because I feel like either we did not eat the same food or they tweaked this recipe somehow. I followed this recipe exactly, and what I got was hard, dense, and heavy bannock. It was almost like a scone, if the scone recipe was from the medieval ages when they hadn't the food advancements we have today. If you are going to make elephant ears, I suggest finding a recipe that uses yeast and fries them, as there doesn't seem to be another way if this is the bannocky alternative.



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