Egg Substitute for Baking

"If you buy unflavored gelatin in bulk, this is an inexpensive egg replacement for your baking needs. *Correction added Aug. 2005*"
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Ready In:
1 egg




  • Combine gelatin with cold water.
  • Add hot water.
  • Use in place of 1 egg.
  • ***For baking*** reduce the amount of liquid in the recipe by 1/4 cup per egg replacement used.

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  1. SoupCookie
    Thank-You! Thank-You! With this recipe I was able to build a recipe for eggless cupcakes (recipe #430885) that all the children in my school age program could enjoy! This also made the cupcakes low-fat! Can't wait to try this with other recipes, thanks again!
  2. Mandanagans
    I am so grateful for you posting this, Kzim4. If it wasn't for this recipe, my midnight baking extravaganza would have been a disaster. I needed one more egg, but I just happened to have one packet of plain gelatin waiting around for such an occasion. I used this in a cookie recipe and I couldn't taste a difference. Thank you!
  3. SmoochTheCook
    This worked terrific in a big batch of cookies where I needed 4 eggs and only had 2. It saved my rear big time! Plus, it made it healthier. I usually use 2 egg whites, so I figured this might just do the trick. Thank you for the wonderful trick!
  4. hudelei
    Oh dear, I'm not sure what went wrong with my attempt. My gelatin was very, very old, so maybe that was the problem. The mixture was very liquidy -- much more liquid than you would get in a single egg -- and I suspect this works better if your cake has some real egg in it or if your cake has other ingredients to help it rise. I think I'll try this again sometime, though, just with fresh gelatin and those things in mind.
  5. Andrea in NH
    This is great in baking. I've used this in recipies that call for 2 or more eggs substituting for at least one egg. Now I feel less guilty about baking and it is healthier.


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