Dirt Cake II

"Dirt Cake II"
photo by Kim Dever Thibodeaux photo by Kim Dever Thibodeaux
photo by Kim Dever Thibodeaux
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  • Crush the Oreo cookies in a blender or food processor; set aside.
  • Cream together butter or margarine and cream cheese.
  • In a large bowl, mix 2 large boxes of vanilla instant pudding (add amount of milk according to package of pudding).
  • Add cream cheese mixture and 8 ounces of Cool Whip.
  • Beat together until mixed.
  • In an 8 inch flower pot, layer the cookie mixture, the pudding mixture, the cookie mixture, and so on.
  • End up with the cookie mixture (this looks like dirt).
  • Add an artificial flower on top.

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  1. The cream cheese, pudding, and whipped topping mixture create a mousse-like filling that is good enough to eat alone! I actually use this to create a trifle, layering chunks of devil's food cake and pudding mixture, then topping the last layer of pudding mixture with the crushed cookies. Maybe I'll submit my version of this dessert when I have time. :o)
  2. I've enjoyed eating Dirt Cake, but not making it before, and these instructions were very helpful. I used sugar free vanilla pudding, skim milk, fat free whipped topping, and low fat cream cheese. I also used chocolate graham crackers instead of Oreos, because we don't care for things to be too sweet, and the graham crackers were so easy to crush by hand (I don't have a food processor). I love the flower pot idea, but for transportation purposes, I layered it into a rectangular glass dish and garnished it with gummy worms. It was a big hit! Thanks for sharing!
  3. I love dirt cake. It rocks. I have made it every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas for as long as I started partaking in making food for the holidays. I add a cup of powdered sugar to mine though. I don't put it in a flower pot, but that is a cute idea. I think I also you two packages of cream cheese. YUM!
  4. Try it frozen. This is a great recipe. I have been making it for years. Just use a knife to cut into slices or squares when serving. My family prefers it frozen.
  5. Love this cake! My mom always made it when my brother and I were kids for all occasions... in flower pots with poinsettas for christmas, or with bare black branches for Halloween. We even made one in a cat litter box with graham crackers on top (complete with melted chocolate bar "cat poop") for a cake contest one year. Great cake for kids.



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