Eat This Dirt Cake

"I was very suprised that this recipe wasn't posted yet. This is by far the best dirt cake out there. Great for all occassions. Cooking time is refridgeration time."
photo by Chef Edlear photo by Chef Edlear
photo by Chef Edlear
photo by Chef Edlear photo by Chef Edlear
Ready In:
1 Dirt Cake




  • Make chocolate pudding according to box and place in fridge.
  • Chop up all Oreos in food processor.
  • Cover bottom of 9x13 glass pan with a thin layer of Oreos.
  • Beat condensed milk, Cool-Whip, and cream cheese in a large bowl until well mixed.
  • Cover bottom layer of oreos with chocolate pudding.
  • Layer cream mix.
  • Layer remaining Oreos on top.
  • Refridgerate for 20 minute.
  • Eat it up!

Questions & Replies

  1. How many oz does this make? Have to make individual serving for 135 people in 4oz serving cups


  1. I only had an 8oz tub of cool whip and a 14 oz package of cookies, and both sizes were absolutely fine. Using sweetened condensed milk was a time-saving plus over the recipes that call for powdered sugar and butter. I softened the cream cheese and beat it with the sweetened condensed milk, added the pudding and then folded in the cool whip. The result was a tasty fluffy chocolate mixture. Everybody loved the cake. Thanks for sharing!
  2. 4cups of milk made this way too runny. Would have set up better with 2 1/2-3 cups and it would have been perfect. Trust me the 4cups makes it way too runny. Will be making it again but using less milk.
  3. I just got done putting this together and wow, it was so much simpler than the other dirt cake recipes! Mom and I typically make two for Thanksgiving and 2 for Christmas, but we make the type that uses butter and powdered sugar. I'll be using this one for now on! I made 3 little sundae cups of it for my parents and my son and they raved! Will take the rest of it to a going away party for my dirt cake adoring cousins tomorrow. I am planning on spelling out "Utah or Bust" with gummy worms for them! Thanks for the simple, delicious recipe! UPDATE: I didn't even get around to putting the gummy words on it, but took it tonight to the party and it was the only dessert that was completely eaten. Next time, I'll have to make 2! :)
  4. I wish this clarified the condensed milk as sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk! I'm not sure which to use!
  5. Great dirt cake recipe! Super easy and a big hit with kids and kids-at-heart.


  1. I admit, I was very sceptical about this. Daughter #2 was very interested, though, so I gave it a try. We added gummy worms to the top, and used neufchatel instead of full fat cream cheese. She and also daughter#3 were very happy with the results. Thanks for this one, Mrs Carp!


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